Growing in a Regular Camping tent with 600w HPS

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  1. Hey,

    could really use some words of advice for this setup. I dont want to grow inside anymore and have a 2m x 2m camping tent laying around so im thinking can i grow my plants under a 600w hps inside the tent (which would be outside) without adding reflective materials to the walls.

    Any problems i may encounter which people have come across doing a similar thing would be helpful
  2. Suspicious glowing camping tent out in the yard for months?
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    I dono about that one. Doesn't sound like a good idea to me, it would probably be moreproblems than its a grow tent an option for you?... since its already setup for growing? And I'm not sure if you're trying to be stealthy but a regular tent out in the yard with beams of light coming out it might cause attention. Best of luck whatever you choose
  4. Not so sure if that's a very safe idea I would definitely rethink doing that just my opinion & advice.
  5. No not tryin to be stealthy at all, main concern is i have no idea what the temp, humidity etc will be once a powerful hps is introduced. Weather over here is poor which means i cant just grow in the garden. Firehazard also an issue in the back of my head for the tent but il probs go ahead with it anyway and let you know what happens
  6. LOL is well funny
  7. Ohh ok, well where there is a will there is a'll probably find a way to make it work. Good luck with your grow!
  8. U be better off building something that looks like a Dog House or something. A wood box lined with mylar, small roof to keep water out. The Tent would real be a fire Hazard, and bring alot of attention to it! I would look into building small box deal outside instead of a tent! But any how ill keep eye open for update want see what u decide to Do !
  9. i have done it with a 600w hps indoors-here is what i done

    contructed tent as normal

    go inside tent and cut all the sheeting off just leaveing a fame and the ground sheet

    tie your hps hud onto the top of tent frame were the poles cross over

    line the whole tent with emergensy camping foil blankets

    make a small door way so you cn access

    here is a vid of mine.

    [ame=]YouTube - my indoor skunk grow ( ak-47 strain)[/ame]
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    Pretty nice little setup you got, my tent looks to be almost identical to the 1 your using but its important it stays waterproof + id rather not cut away big chunks of it. Might line the inside with mylar tho to make more reflective. Thanks to everyone so far keep em comin

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