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  1. Heya first post. I plan on doing a stealth grow in a PC Tower in my closet. The reason it needs to be stealth is because of the high traffic coming in and out of my room. And I cant let anyone know about it ;) So, I decided to grow in a PC Tower. I have computer parts all over my room so it will camo very nicely. I drew a beautiful picture to demonstrate how I plan on doing this first grow of mine. I'm only going to be growing one Low Ryder plant. If I can grow it successfuly and not get caught with the smell. I will be purchasing a bigger tower to grow more plants in. I guess this my 'testing the water'.


    Thats the tower. So yeh, one Low Ryder strain plant in the middle. 2 Cooling Fans sucking air in. I'm gunna put one fan in the back for exhaust. Now as with lighting. What kind of lighting would you recomend me getting? And how would I be able to put a carbon filter on the exhaust? Thanks! :smoking:
  2. Might work, but the width of a PC tower just isnt optimal I would guess.
  3. Alot of people do pc tower grows. i know when OG was up there was a whole section for micro grows. I would definalty use cfls. As far as carbon goes, I would buy some at a pet store or something and be creative. Maybe use some cheesecloth or nylons, a screen from a door or even a premade filter.

    try searching.
  4. ya man i dont know, that is a pretty small tower, your best bet would be to just pick up a bigger one from a site online. That one looks pretty cluttered. I saw someone grow with a 70 watt HPS light and it worked great, they grew a small SOG.

    I know its just a testing thing with this one, but its a lotta work and you might as well just try to do it right on the first one. Just my advice.
  5. About the width, I'm thinking about doing the LST? method. Where you tie is at a 45 degree angle. Its alot deeper then it looks tho. Even if I could squeeze one plant in there, I would be happy. Just something I really wanna try doing for myself.

    With the carbon. With my turtle tank, out filtration system used carbon packets to help filter the water. Would that be like the same thing I would use. I guess I can build a small carbon filter box outside of the rear fan exhaust.

    Yeh. If I can get this to work, I'm going to buy a huge Thermaltake Armor tower. Its what my PC is, the thing is freaking huge! Its the height of my desk. Full Tower :)
  6. Alright so I started working on my PC Grow Box.


    ^ Cleaned it out a bit. Removed the floppy/HDD Cage. I dont have access to a dremel? so the CD-ROM bay stays. I might be able to hide some cords, or put another small fan in there in the future.


    ^ Set out the rear exhaust. The exhaust pipe was too small for the whole area, think it was an 80mm fan in the back. Exhaust is for like a 60mm or something along those lines. So a little duct tape fixed the job. I plan on putting the fan on the inside, with the carbon on the outside. Going to go something along these lines for the DIY Carbon Filter.


    ^ Had to duct tape the whole side of the tower. I'm a nerd and all my PC Cases have glass panel sides. :p

    I'll get some more photos later, eating lunch now. Gunna be working on setting this thing up for a bit. What kind of lighting would you guys say using? Woudnt a normal UV light for the plant work? Ive grown up with turtles and reptiles so I got a bunch of housing and UV bulbs that would fit very nice in there.

    Thanks everyone! :wave:
  7. It looks good. Alot better than before.
  8. Thanks man!

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