Growing In A Pc Tower Case

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  1. Hi to all! 
    This is my first post, and my first grow. 
    I have a few questions for you guys. My growing space is very, very small as I live in a 1 bedroom apartment and don't really want to grow in the middle of my living room. I am looking forward to grow one, maximum two plants strictly for personal consumption. A friend of mine hooked me up with clones of his purple kush plant and they are now just sitting on my table under 1 CFL light.
    So I came up with the idea of growing in a PC tower. Googled it, it already exists:
    This lead me to the next question - can I start flowering when my plants are only two feet tall? Growing them in a computer tower case will restrain them from achieving their full height. I then stumbled upon this article:, a 12/12 growing method which states that it is a very good choice for growers who have a limited amount of space to set up their gardens. 

    Basically I am just wondering if this is.. achievable. Will I have to take the plants out of my two feet tall computer tower for them to flower or can it possibly be enough room for them to grow? Is that 12/12 method really going to work? Has anyone tried it yet?
    Also another questions, how many CFL lights should suffice for two plants? 

  2. *** Update
    Thanks all for the generous input. 
    I have decided to update this thread for personal satisfaction. Here is my finished growing computer tower.
    2013-06-19 21.07.23.jpg
    2013-06-19 21.06.17.jpg
  3. Thats a great looking setup, ive honestly never seen this done. My guess is if you start them on 12/12 they will bud but they are so tiny the wont produce much. An auto flower wpuld be perfect for this setup imo. Good luck :wave:
  4. Thanks for the reply! 
    Could you briefly explain what auto flower is? 
    Also, how much room for growth should I reserve for flowering? As you can understand I am very space restrained (especially vertically). 
  5.<-- that will tell you everything plus some about autos..

    Strain info from google shows purple kush grows 2-3 feet tall. How tall is yoir case?


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