Growing in a P.O.D

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by dirtystall, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. hello people, my move went good and i have 4 gypsy freebies breaking ground(just too be givin away)

    back to the topic

    Has anyone seen these POD things? there a portable storage device.
    Me myself am not going to go out and rent one mainly because i dont need one.
    But for security i cant think of anything better, they ship it too your house, you get to keep it as long as you want and ONLY you have the key to open it. No worries about light leaking anywhere, and the neighbors sure as hell arent going too know whats in there. the only problem i see is ventilation, but theres alot of room to work with.

    whats that you say? the fuzz is on?

    Give the company a call and they come pick it up and ship it anywhere you want.

    just something i thought i would throw out on these forums

  2. I had one in my backyard last year and trust me it came to mind plently of times.. I found a couple problems though. The one I had it had tiny light leaks from the cracks of the doors which is easily fixable by like, a towel or duct tape but another thing is those things get HOT. It gets verrrry hot in those things. And another thing is ventilation, your bud would get too moldy and when its time to harvest how are you going to walk thru your neighborhood with big ass colas?

    Plus everytime you open the door people will be able to see whats inside, the doors are huge.
  3. very true, good observation

  4. I can second the heat problem, we had on and the door was slightly downhill, the uphill end was easily over 110 in the summer, get a small box trailer, its yours so you can mod it, you park it in your drive and people dont care, you can vent through the floor easily, and YOU can move it wherever and whenever.
  5. that could work as well,

    i think im going to hook a pod up to support life, jump in with a few cameras and you have a reality show!

    send me to cali or something, i miss it there.

  6. I don't remember the story very well, but a woman was found living in one.

    She was putting things in it to move and got locked in and she survived in there for 2 weeks or so eating her own poo.

    When they opened the door the smell was so bad that the cops were throwing up.
  7. Thanks Noo, but I could have done without the poo eating woman picture in my mind....;)

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