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Growing in a nutshell

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by butterballl, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. Alright, I am pretty stoned right now, and I'm going to attempt to throw down a good post that makes sense.

    I've been reading all of these "How to grow" guides and I think I pretty much have the just of things. Here is my plan: It is winter now... come march I am going to purchase some seeds and then fill up some decent sized pots with rich soil and im going to put in the seeds. I will water once a day and soon the seeds will germinate and eventually with sunlight and water daily they will grow into mature plants. Once they are big enough I am going to move them from their pots into the normal ground soil in these woods by my house. I will then continue to water and nurture them until they bud.

    Now for my questions: What is the best way to move the plant from the pot into the soil? Also do I need to fertilize the plants at all?

    Any other flaws in my plan that you could point out to me or any improvements plz holler.

    I realize that this post probably made me look like a complete idiot. I apologize.
  2. Well its alot more then plant and water. You need to know levels of all your going to be dealing with.

    also might wanna do some research on taking indoor plants, outside. I personally dont know anything about that.

    Outdoors is so much harder in my opinion, I mean I know you can get some great outdoors but for growing indoors, its all right there. You dont need to drive in the woods to make sure your doing ok.

    My guess is your thinking its cheaper or the fact you cant grow indoors.

    You might wanna search the forums in the outdoors part aswell.

  3. 1. Buy the seeds now, hide them till you're ready to sow. That way if they're intercepted and the law comes to visit there's nothing to find. You can just say you thought it was junk mail/free samples of something and you threw them away.

    2. To move them just pick up each plant with it's container and carry it to the hole you're going to put it in. Once there lay it on it's side, slide the container off the root ball. Loosen the roots a bit but don't disturb them too much. Put the root ball in the hole and back fill it. Firm the soil around the roots then water it all in well.

    There's more details but it's too much to type. Just take your time and learn as you go.


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