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  1. I recently came into a few cannabis seeds, and I decided to see if I could germinate them just for kicks. All but one sprouted, and now I have 4 seedlings growing in plastic cups with drainage holes. So far I’ve been keeping them on my windowsill which I know is not ideal (they seem to be pretty weak as they’ll tip over if touched and rise a few hours later and they’re growing sideways towards the light from the window), and I don’t have the money to invest in the equipment necessary to cultivate 4 plants indoors.

    My plan right now to let them grow with all the sun they need and to avoid anyone getting wise is to let them completely take over the soil in their cups and then transplant them somewhere out in the mountains where the can hopefully survive and grow undisturbed. Has anyone out there tried this? I’m not worried about getting a low yield; I’d be happy if I could harvest an eighth or two. I’m more concerned with their survival. The forest where I would be planting them doesn’t have a terribly extreme temperature, usually in the summer it ranges from 60-70 during the day and the high 40’s through the 50’s at night, but it isn’t a very wet climate either. There are mountain meadows where the ground tends to stay fairly moist, and I could always plant them near a stream if necessary. There are tourists in the area, but they mostly stick to the roads and campgrounds, so I’m not overly concerned about them being found, and if someone did find them, I don’t know how they could connect them to me.

    If anyone has any experience or insight to share, it’d be greatly appreciated.
  2. There's a lot going against you but it could work.
    #The spot needs a reasonable amount of direct sunlight.
    # the ground may dry up and bringing your own water regularly is hard work.
    #try not to visit the site much as your feet will quickly make a pathway for someone to find em.
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    Thanks, I’ll probably pick a location between roads so I can take different routes each time I check on them.
  4. Connecting it to you would be very hard unless they have cameras in trees waiting for you to go back and harvest, even then who the hell is gonna waste tax dollars on catching a guy growing 4 plants. But yes you need lots of sun and maybe grow near a stream or near a spot that gets damp. You don;t wanna grow where it gets bone dry, if there are other plants growing near by then pot should be OK.
  5. I don’t recommend it mainly because it’s on federal land. federal laws and penalties are often worse then state laws.
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  6. Gelato41 has a good point. Be careful. Prison sucks d
  7. I coworker of mine and his family go out to the desert in NV to ride ATV once a year. 2 years ago they were out ATVing and got stopped by a Federal Police officer patrolling around. They didn't even know they were on federal land, but he had an open can of bear on the ATV. Busted for DUI and the lawyer he had to get said federal cases are basically 2-3x more expensive to defend cuz the feds don't give a rats ass, and will nail you to the wall. Cost him like 20k in lawyer fees and fines, and he had to do 200 hrs of community service and AA program

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