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  1. one of the issues people complain about is heat and everyone trying to keep the heat low.

    right now we usuley get high 60s in the day and sometimes as low as the low 30's at night.

    if i grow in my garage in these conditions will the plants survive these low temps?
    i am thinking of using either cfl's or floro tubes and i am guessing they dont heat up as well.

    the garage dosnt really get any colder then 50's. even when its 30 out, im not seeing my breath or anything in here.

    im going to use a fan to help make the stems stronger.
  2. i think 65 is pushing it for the minimum from all the posts ive read. 70-77 is wat ive seen. so you will need a heat source of some sort otherwise i dont think its worth growing.
  3. 50 is way too low. I have the same issue in my garage and ended up using one of my infrared heater.
  4. Growth will be slow with those low temperatures as the metabolic rate lowers. At the end of my last grow my plants survived for their last 3 weeks in 64 as a high and 48-52 as a low. I definitely noticed delayed ripening but the buds looked beautiful with the purple leaves. For the last 5 days I was able to keep the low at 58 and the high at 70 and they ripened up just right.

    Also keep in mind that the cement garage floor can get very cold and stress your roots out if you dont raise them up off the ground
  5. i didnt think about the metabolic rates...that is a good point.

    i think i will lay a board over the cement so the pot isnt in direct contact with the concrete. the floor does get very cold.

    now i just have to think about heating.

    should i kept a consant heat? or can it get warmer and colder as the heater turns on maybe once every few hours? i mean when the heater turns off the area is going to cool down within mins. right????
  6. I have a space heater from Lowes that has a desired temp setting with an auto off feature. It also has a timer. The unit ran $70.00 and is worth every penny. The unit only runs when it needs to so it also saves on electricity costs.
  7. think about getting a good indica strain or something that is used to those temps...
  8. Try getting an hps light and running your light cycle at night. The extra heat from the light is gonna help you out.
  9. What are you plans for the garage? you planning on building a room or getting a tent? I keep my babies in a tent and about the last hour of light I keep the doors closed and it gets pretty toasty in there. On my temp meter I see that it doesnt fall below 70 degress with lights off.
  10. I built a Room inside my garage with 2x2s and Insulation Sheething from Lowes (lung room), and put my tent inside. I even have room for my controller bucket and some work space. This helps alot with temp control cause I am not trying to control the whole garage. It also helps with Light Control during the off period.
  11. when yall say tent do you mean a camping tent? or something else?
    im thinking of building maybe a 4x4x4 ish size "encloser"

    i think either floro tubes, or cfls....i am choosing this because this is what i can buy at home depot.
    im not buying anything online or with a credit card.

  12. yea thats a good idea...thats something i am learning about growing that i think will be enjoyable; is the manpulating.

    but im using bag seed for now. i grew some of it in the summer and i got 2 differnt kinds of plants and i think they are a little bit of both. this is my 1st indoor grow. so im not really caring about what kind...but more about the learning.
  13. Don't use an air cooled hood, and keep ballast in the grow area, also run a vent from your home to the grow space.
  14. I grow in a cold house like yours. use a HPS in a enclosed space and it keeps mine warm.
  15. Hey I'm in the same situation as you, being that the weather here is low 30s and isn't going anywhere until like march haha.... I'm also using cfls Nd the box is in my garage as well.... I can tell you from my experience that you should be okay as long as your box is pretty air tight... Temps in my box are around 70-75 when the lights are on and like68 when there off... Try to keep the lights on when it's at it's coldest outside and let them go off when it's slightly warmer so keep them on at night and off during the day or however u need depending on your schedule...

    I have 4 young plants and all seem to be doing fine so far, one is like semi retarded but I think that was something I fucked up lol... It came out of the ground and looked like it was wilting idk what that means hah
  16. ...I like to use the heat from the light for a heat source...if you need more heat, add more lights....keep a light running 24/7....have one at night, one on during the day.
  17. That works up until flowering where you need to have dark hours....I'm guessing if it's that cold in his location now it's not really gonna be going anywhere drastic in the next two or so months and depending on his heigh restrictions he most likely will have to flower sooner than that... He'll be fine with what he has he just needs to run it right lol
  18. We mean something like this : HTG Supply - Grow Tents | Small Grow Tent | Silver Lined Grow Tent

    As far as buying things with credit cards online, there is nothing to worry about. Police can't do anything about it, for all they know you like to maintain an herb garden during the winter.

  19. I agree with this statement and thanks for posting a link to what a tent looks like. I have bought nute over the internet with no problems.
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    the plants can withstand the cold!!! its the roots you gotta worry about!!!...the garage floor is much colder then the air the plants will be living raise the tent off the garage floor so the roots arent too cold and you'll be fine...they do grow slower...but just as healthy and abundant....i have 14 going now in garage..had temp issues til i raised tent...easy fix...grow it..!!

    Also, run lights on at night...i go lights on at

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