Growing in a closet. With Pics! Nice closet idea...[many pics]

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  1. Okay, so im growing inside my closet....i have got together pictures....
    PIC 1: The closet closed
    PIC 2: A view of the highest shelf(of right door) from inside, it shows the locks that have it secured shut so no one (parents) cant see in it....the locks are above the actuall growing space so u cant see in it...
    PIC 3: A view of a latch at the bottom for an extra lock so no one can pry the buttom of it open to peek in...
    PIC 5: Inside again with 150 watt light on....its a temporary light for until plants have finished germinating and grown to about 2 inches tall (its not going to be turned on until germinating is complete)
    PIC 6: (cant fit on this mesage so i will post it in another)The shelff that is adjustable...with the germanating (2 days so far) not going to keep all five of them in there of course, i will move 3 outsside once snow is allllll the way gone.

    As u can see the closet is not complete,,,,,i am still going to put in anti detection foil, then foil that has white on one side and black on the other,,,so that the black will go against wall and help prevent funguss and all that other stuff or w/e. I have a 400 Watt HPS grow light with ballast on its way from ebay (130$). I will put up pics of the lamp as well i guess with pic 6 of the closet..

    All i need is the nutes and stuff....

    But i need some help on anything i have should i make the ventelation system be? cause i have 2 ionizer things for killing odors..and 1 mini odor fan remover thing, and a normal fan which is in the bottom right of the closet just sitting there for later what should i use and where place it? make a hole in the back and place fan there?

    Well hope many liked this and can helpp me out or give me helpers or hints/advice on what i can do to improve this or just whatever u have on mind.
    Thanks alot to those who help me out or just view this.

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  2. here is picture 6..
    and the pictures of the light im recieving

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  3. i have that marine poster
  4. heh, and what's the temp inside?:eek: have you any fans there?
  5. Plex420 - heh ya i hang up like anything in my room...almost....

    And to I live in utah in the temperatures are actually quite loww....and i have fans there is a rectangular one at the bottom right of the closet.....i wanna use it once they get larger,,,,but its just a little noisy so i need to find a way to get silllllent fans.
  6. hm, give 5V for fans then they should be quite silent, the best are 80x80mm and 120x120mm computer fans i think;)
  7. Dude!!! good idea...i thought about that...but then thought "what do i plug the fans into?"...since they are computer would i plug it into something?
  8. So how would i use the fans anybody? (the computer fans...)
  9. the batterys with the two coils on the top u connect black to neg and red to pos they are like 5 or 6 bucks at walgreens i think they are 6v but i could be wrong
  10. ohhhh ok thats what he meannt by the 5v. Thanks alllot guys:)
  11. whatcha gonna do when they get big? looks awesome tho.
  12. i will lower the shelf...thats what i like about my closet he he, it allows me to just leave the hps light at the top while just lowering the has those nodes u place in holes and then place the shelf on top of them..
    So i will adjust it lower accordingly to the size of the plant :)
    I am going to probly just take the shelf out once its gotten big enough and then i will have to start tying down branches...
  13. thats good but are you going to put a vent somewhere i ddint read so if u mentioned it my bad but if u r u should make a filter cuz im assuming this is a grow u wanna keep on the Down low
  14. Yeah i have just went out and bought 3 computer fans (80mmx80mm) and 2 6v batterys, those i will place in the back, 2 for sucking in air and one for pushing out air. Then i have bought 2 ionizers (they neutralize the smell of marijane...i mean seriously just kill it some how, it has to do with like possitive and neggative charges in odors and it like sends out ions or something im no scientist but ya it just kills the smells, not masks it)...and i will place those in the closet and one filter type of fan outside of it....and if my parents notice the locks and try to open it and ask, i will just tell them that its my safe since im sick of mom going through my stuff (i will tell her its the same stuff she found a week ago just in larger amounts [which was porn and stuff haha]) so ya.....dunno what else i should do....
  15. and i just realized how hard it is to find anti detection foil/ anti IR foil.....its harddd to find... and i only need like 3 yards of it
  16. growing with your clothes in the same closet = your clothes smell like HELLA pot so i hope those ionizers are doing a damn good job.
  17. no actually the clothes are on an opposite side with now possible contact whatsoever of the growing smell can seep through too the other side..
  18. hmmm...i'm having some extremmmmmmmmmmmeeeee trouble getting polyshield AKA anti-detection foil (also called ANI-INFRARED FOIL [anti-IR foil...etc]) i have looked on ebay...almost every site to my available searching pleasssssseee i will pay 100$ if i have to for that stuff...its my most important thing in growing ...MOST IMPORTANT...
    THANKS SOOOO FREAKING MUCH TO ANNNNYONE with a link or site or store annny thing to help me thansk lots everyone.
  19. why you need polyshield?

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