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  1. A couple of months ago I posted a ? about how to set up a room in a 8x8 building.I got some great suggestions, including one that said that I need to read alot. So I did,and I tried to do the best I could. Here it is, I have 8 plants in the flower room they are 2 weeks into flower. One thing I have learned is not to space them so close together. The temp ranges from 60-83, humidity from 40-60%.. I am using the lucas formula because it seemed nice and simple for a first grow. I set my ph at 5.2 on Sunday and it gradually goes to 6.0 by the next Sunday. I do check it during the week I am only having to do the add back method once a week. I am using an 80 gal rez. rite now the ppm is 1280 with a hanna .05 conversion meter. Rite now I have 2 feet on each end of my table so if I spread out alittle I am hoping to fit 12 plants next time comfortably. I am hoping for 8oz. every 2 months,got my fingers crossed.I am using one 1000watt hps but I am going to add a 400 to the flower room also. I have a space where I can veg 12 plants easy with a 400watt mh.The veg area is 3x2 and 3'6" high. On top of that I have a place for mothers that is th same deminsions only a little higher I am hoping to keep about 4 moms cutting the bonzai way ;).I have modified stanley fans bringing in air and taking it out,and I have added an ac to the flower room. What I would like is suggestions on things I can do better. I have only got this far with the help of you guys,thanks a million. Oh yea I am growing 3 Violator kush 35 inches now,1 white widow 35 inches tall,1 blue hash 34 inches tall,1 blue widow 25 inches tall and 2 blue cheese 20 inches tall.:

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  2. could you please post more information on this light set up

    it looks like ply wood with holes cut out with screen fixture fingers holding them up.

    very cool idea. i am very interested since i have those aluminum lights too!!
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    Thats exactly what it is. A 2x3 piece of plywood. I cut the holes out put some clips on to hold the light up and thats it. Rite now I have the 1700 lumens small bulbs but I am going to try the 6500 soon.:smoke:

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