Growing hydro...Outside???

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  1. Ok so before you flame me going "Wtf do you know what it would take to hike the lighting and shit out in the woods/etc..." or "Do you know how much that shit would stick out." Just consider what Im porposing/asking about.

    So lets say your sick of buying weed for 20-35 a gram and wanna grow you own. But you live in a small apartment, have a roommate, live with smart parents, or a girlfriend/wife and you wanna grow but cant. So you consider growing outside but want the full controll of Hydro with the benifits of possible of a harvest every 2 months. How would you do it? How would it be possible without breaking the bank or drawing a shit load of attention to do a hydro say out in the woods.

    Now lets be reasonable and paint a picture of someone who wants to grow 5 plants tops and doesn't plan on dealing. Someone who just finds joy in the whole process and end result. Not a super serious grow who makes their lively hood from farming this plant.

    So now that we have the kind of mentality to think in lets come up with some productive ideas:

    My first thought is this, say you a have forest by you with a good water source within it. Would it be possible to build a small shack to hide the light and house the plants and run water lines up from the water for the plants. From there giving the plants nute and care?

    Ok so lets say a shack is being over imaginitive and something smaller is more reasonable. How about taking that plan for an indoor stealth grow through using a dresser and moving it into those woods from before. Would it be reasonable to run lines from the water again. Camo it and then do the whole Hydro process with the plants?

    Alright now the one thing that seems the most steealthy for this very crazy idea is taking those big ass trash cans (not the metal industrial ones) but the green ones with the tops attached and burry them up to the lid. Fill the bottom 1/4 with soil and run the light through the lid. You could get electricity through a generator or a car battery. As for water you could again run a line into the bottom of the can by cutting a hole big enough for the pipe. As for the lid sticking out you could stealth it with camo and natural surroundings. When it comes to tending to the plant for nute and stuff you just go pull the light up to the top of the lid and then open it and do your thing.

    Again these are all just weird ideas for some crazy lightbulb that went off while I was board...

    Post constructive criticism or ideas or ideas to improve what Ive posted.

    Just please don't post things like "this is the stupidest shit Ive ever heard."

    Thank You :smoke:
  2. Dude just find a good spot thats really hard to get to and do a natural soil grow. Theres no way you will get a havest trying that way :(
  3. That would be a ridiculous amount of work to setup, not to mention money. How much is a good generator anyway? How far can you carry that through a forest? Then there's fuel, some sort of structure so you can harvest every 2 months, hydro/lighting/ventilation equipment, etc... Whew! Exhausting just thinking about it.
  4. Why do you need lights in the forest? Ever heard of the SUN?

    You are a real thinker, Mr. American Pot Grower Entrepreneur Man. You will be on top of the game with cutting edge ideas like this. You can't learn to hustle and profit while living in a single room with no space to grow, yet somehow, by the grace of magic and Gods own divine hand, you'll magically harvest Fluorescent sensemilla that will sell to even Mormon wives for $100 per gram. You'll make the DEA raid monetary assumptions correct, because of your exorbitant ability to think so profusely.

    Let me give you a helping hand here. The reason good weed costs $10/gram WHOLESALE, is because it COSTS between $1-$5/gram to grow the good shit! Don't think so? Try it yourself. The morons bullshitting that if weed was legal we would all be smoking Kush for $50/oz. are morons. Only if it was grown in China or Mexico and not paying living wages at all.

    At any rate, to start a successful grow, you need to hustle first and learn to profit from hustling. If you can't do that, you'll never be successful as a grower, because you suck at managing a business, which growing is, a business.

    If you aren't pushing weight and aren't PROFITing at LEAST $2k per month just from your sales, then you'll never make it as a grower, unless you have a great paying job and are growing just for pleasure smoke.

    Poor people growing their own good smoke. Nu-uh. Not happening. Weed is expensive for a reason. Schwag is cheap for a reason. This shit takes TONS of effort if you wan't decent.

    On a serious note, you can do hydro outside. There are ways. Just very complicated and you still need electricity. So much easier to grow in a bag of dirt, or just plant in the ground. Why exactly do you want hydro outside? Just to make shit that much harder and more complicated? Like all the stickys tell you, stop overthinking so much shit and start with the basics. Get a weed plant, try to hide it in your room, try to grow it (veg). Try to keep it alive. If you can't even Veg indoors, you are going to have a real SHIT time trying to hydro outside and get any type of real usable harvest.

    Good luck, but at the rate you are going, not happening any time soon!
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    Why not? What if your idea happens to actually be the stupidest shit I've ever heard? I'm not allowed to say so? You only want praise, not constructive help, so there's not much I can offer.

    There is nothing stealthy about a shack, dresser, or trash can out in the middle of the woods with pipes from a creek running into it and a loud generator inside. You will spend more on fuel for a generator than you would on buying the weed that you are trying to grow "for free." Car battery won't work.

    It is a completely unworkable idea. Oh, I'm sorry, you don't want to hear that. In that case, it's a wonderful great idea, I am in awe of you.

    I will when you will ;)

    A lot of folks come up with crazy, kooky ideas. I am no exception. And yes, sometimes they work, sometimes they even are breakthroughs. But they all need to be open to criticism. When you try to so tightly control the type of feedback you get you end up with no meaningful feedback at all. You need to allow people to call your ideas bullshit if that is how they feel, they just might save you a lot of time, effort, and money.
  6. This is the stupidest shit I have ever heard.
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    It costs no more to grow MJ than it costs to grow tomatoes. The equipment and labour costs are similar.

    MJ costs a hell of a lot more because it is ILLEGAL. There are risks and penalties associated with growing MJ, and that is reflected in the price of moving illegal goods.

    Also there is a high DEMAND for MJ - which will drive up the price - basic economics. But as I say, it actually costs no more to grow MJ than tomatoes.
  8. ^Those risks and penalties build "costs" into the supply side. It takes airplanes and boats and radar and bribes to import or transport MJ, plus they have to pay people doing it a lot more because of the risk.

    In addition, there also is a much higher demand for MJ than tomatoes -- if you were out of both, which would you be more interested in getting first?

    So you have restrictions and costs built into the supply side and high demand on the other side, just look up Economics 101 to see what happens to price in such a scenario...
  9. Yeah, great idea mate, wish i hadda thought of that one!

    Yeah toasty, i'm in the middle of my new breakthru. As most people know, i'm a big fan of LEDs. So i've went ahead and bought a 46" LED TV (money's no object) . I'm going to start another growroom and i'm going to hang the tv face down over my plants during flowering, and play a recording of the 'sun in the sky' for 12/12, that way it will have the full spectrum of red/orange of the sun and the blue of the sky. The tv comes with HIDTV (High Intensity Definition Television) to penetrate through the foliage.
    Tell me what you think? But before you flame me, please don't post things like "this is the stupidest shit i've ever heard"
  10. ok

    those sound like the greatest ideas I have ever heard.

    Well cept for those from Toasty and Canth. those are total bullshit ;):devious:

    just John, dont forget the surround sound, with running water and birds chirpping :D
  11. dig yourself a 3'x3' ditch 30" deep make a roof run a powerline from your house and do it up.... number one, the powerchord or generator you have would draw so much attention. youd get caught in a short period of time. Just go outdoors if your going there anyway, dont bring power in, just find a good spot.

  12. Hahaha I dont know whether to thank you for that statement in bold. On the other hand you suggest I learn to flip someone elses crop b4 I start tryin to build my own Business. Thats a reasonable suggestion, but the thing is the risk is higher than the gain for me. The amount I would make doing that where I live is nothing compared to a legit career I have open to me atm. But yes you are indeed correct about me needing to learning the trade before trying to be too much of a smart ass.

    On a secondary note I have access to a ton of private land and financing if i chose to be a true grower and start a business like you imply others are. But like stated earlier Im not growing to deal or for others just to grow a few plants to supply me and my choice friends with some kickin tokes. Not to be a king (like I oculd anyway)

    But I do like your thinking and obviously you are very versed in the business.

    Good luck with future ventures bro

    Im fine with that I just asked that because I didnt want some stupid son of a bitch troll comeing in and calling bullshit just to up their comments whether low or high. Secondly I understand if you feel that way. With the way your rep bar is, and the ammount of time youve been here I would assume you know what your talking about and I will take into consideration how ludacris my ideas are.

    On the other hand I did ask for constructive critisism and not a critique on my train of thought. As a person new to the concept of grow ops (not smoking) I recongize that my level of cognition as to how it works is very clouded. So that being said what I do understand is that normally you can get property either building or natural land and run ur op. Hydro or outdoor. Organic or other. But what I am asking is not in terms of normal growing but interms of comeing up with this "breakthrough" idea you speak of. The reason being is that although this industry is illegal it is still and industry and in order for and industry to thrive it must progress and come up with new ideas. In order to come up with new ideas one must be willing to consider even the craziest of ideas because sometimes some inovation (no matter how small) can lie within that "bullshit"

    So cal My ideas BS but all i ask is that you have an imagination and consider all phases of my idea.

    Which was the monitary level i was talking about opperating in. Not this super Aeroponics shit they talk about in Hightimes that rich Kings use to grow tons of weed. i mean like 5 plants max and minimal financial investmeent. And dont pull that "you get out of it what oyu put into" because if the indians and paleolithic era man can grow good weed with no tech then I can. I just am considering this for the pure enjoyment of watching my plants flourish and then burn like a pheonix. It may take some learning curves but I got time.

    For the most part this idea is just a fun way to think and propose fun "creative" ideas on growing for new and old growers.

    (I know it was ment for cantharis)

    That again is for major growers. Which you could be IDK but your right anyway. As for supply and demand weed may cost more tomatos but there isnt more demand. Hamburgers, Sub Sandwiches, Fried Green Tomatoes, Pizza. The difference involed with the too is your going to transport a tomato for shit outside fuel for the truck. But with weed it takes your bribes and such.

    But rather than get into a pissing contest with you over supply and demand I conceed the win to you. Because Like I said Im new to this and have to learn. Even if my intentions are small time; its good to know how the big dogs handle their shit.


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