Growing Herb In Spain Illigal...?

Discussion in 'General' started by h4rk4t, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. Okay so i have many relatives living in spain and i was woundering if marijuana is illligal there..? because if its not im moving my ass out of usa and living with my mom there.......
    So ya are u aloud to grow it there or w/e...?
    Help/advice greaaatly appreciated.
    (sorry if this is in the wrong section i wasnt sure where to place it)
  2. lol

    put simply, no. it is not legal to possess marijuana in spain, or cultivate it, or distribute it. you get the idea.
  3. dope thanks
  4. The highest amount of plants you can have legally is 3.
  5. Being a person who blazes in spain alot yes you can grow it. I think its 3 plants per adult in the house. My cousin has 6 white widow plants on his front porch. If i remember right my cousin said you can have up to 20g on you. ABSOLUTELY NO SCALES THOUGH!!! they dont care if you blaze only if u deal because i was smoking a j as i walked by 5 or 6 cops on the beach this summer. O and where is your mom from because my mom was born in sevilla.
  6. DOPE!!!!!!!!!Dude i so wanna go live there now, cause that would be such a gnarly place to grow and all....White widdow is my favorite plant btw lol,,,,,im gonna grow 1 in a while.....well probly 2 so i can pollinate the helll out of the female so it gives me like 60 seeds..
    3 plants seems a good enough amount to me lol....and i could still grow like 15 extra in diff places lol and ya...
    But ya my mom is from i think.. and ya she left there for a month...and thats right when i started growing so that she wouldnt get picky....but now im hoping she stayes there, that way i can always go there whenever haha....welll that would cost me like 1k for a ticket to there but stillll....
    How are the temperatures there for growing..good?
  7. Im not sure wat state your in but i was told that the climate was very similar to californias by my grandfather who has traveled all around the world many times. If this is true, then the climate should be perfect for growing
  8. ohh niceee...ya i'd like to move to cali as well..cause u can grow lots there if u have a permit or w/e.....
  9. I dont no about the madrid area but i no in southern spain its perfect. humid, never past 90 degrees, always a breeze, and apparently the light patterns allow for good planting seasons
  10. Mostly in the whole of europe, cops deal with more important issues than busting potheads. Noones gonna do anything about it if you're growing 2 or 3 plants in your yard, as long as you dont make yourself blatantly obvious.
  11. oh ok still sounds wayyy goood. Yea i herd taht about southern spain as well now i think i really might go there some timmmme....have u seen morocco?!?!? that place has like tonnnnnnnnnnnzzz of weed just growing about it in the high times magazine of this month....
  12. not to be a douche, but you're moving across a huge hunk of water to grow wee?

  13. nono haha my mom might stay there....and if she just going to visit her like once a year...wel prob not even that, maybe like once every 2 years.....and was jsut thinkin it would be nice if i could just grow some weed there while im there haha

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