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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by adamBC, Jul 10, 2002.

  1. hey everyone, this is my first time here...

    uhh.. ok. so, i was reading a site, and they said if you clip the top of a plant off, then it'll split into two stem branching off of one, and be alot bigger.
    well I cut it off oh, somtime last week, and all i got was a block dot where I cut it, nothing else.
    will it split eventually, or did I just screw over my plant?

    thanks for any help you guys have.

    oh yeah, and I did everything it said, like wait till it has 5 sets of leaves up the stem.
  2. I take it you tried to FIM,,,

    It more than likely did not work for you,,,dont worry,,the plant will be fine..

    Trial and error,it has to happen to learn,,and it's how many of us got started...

    Hope it looks good otherwise...have fun..

  3. mk...first time, i'm completely clueless when it comes to growing bud, right? so, i have about 5 seeds that have 'germinated' i guess it's called, but now i don't know what to fuckin do w/ them...greatly appreciate any response...
  4. lol, i'd recamend you read up and learn, lots to still learn. Most likely those seeds are wasted. Cause making your growing room isn't alwasy a one-day thing, could take a long time. And buying all the stuff you will need, and the time to learn what to do. If they are germinated now, and you know absolutely nothing then I am pretty sure those seed are going to die, am I right anyone?
  5. buy pots, plant in dirt, don't overwater

  6. Thanks. I'm glad to see that after a few months of nagging about NOT OVERWATERING has finally caught on.

    You get a gold star on your report card this time!
  7. 2 gold stars I say!!!

  8. sup ya'll, yes yes imma newbie, i needs sum tips on growin if ya'll dont mind, well my e-mail is so e-mail me or sumthin please
  9. I have a good idea, if your not wanting to look through forums. Just PM someone, like BPP till they respond with the info you want :D
  10. Yup thats a great idea.. unless you don't like annoying and pissing off mods
  11. well i take it sara (my cousin) has made her way to the grass city.

  12. or they respond with some bullhit answer!!!! LOL!
  13. Id hurry up and get some dirt and plant those suckers.Since there already germinated take this time to practice growing cause you probably wont have enough time to get a real set up going, that takes time beleive it or not.Also make sure you plant those seeds with the root sticking in the soil,you know upside down.It has to grow up , putting it in upside down will make the plant stronger.Maybe buy you some time.

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