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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by tree420, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. ok so I have a big speaker in my room that doesnt work but it is 3 feet tall and hollow. ive tried growing in there b4 but ended up killing the plant because i didnt think it would work. do you think i would actually be able to grow weed in there? is 3 feet tall enough and would it even matter if the weed touched the top? please help. sry i think i posted this twice.
  2. no wtf, you cant grow in a speaker. make a grow box and then grow. go to indoor section of the forum.
  3. I highly beg to differ, if the speaker is a decent size, one 400 watt hps is all you need.
  4. lol 1 400watts, hello mister overkill! hell heat it up and fry his plant.

    dude small pots grow small plants, just dont use 5gal buckets else youll fill the whole thing out, if its a decent dept and width consider scrogging a plant in there, get a few cfls, suspend them above the plant and youll be fine, great care is what grows a plant.

    speakers are awsome for computer fan vent systems also, whack 2 inlet and 2 outlet and youll have good ventalation in there, if you need to mask smell consider buying some of these new odour eating CFL's, buy them in 2700k spec only then use them about 3 weeks after you turn to 12/12, then you can switch back for a different grow and make the most of ammount of hours worth of odour removal that the cfls have.

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