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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by IloveHookahs, May 12, 2003.

  1. okay i have zero conections. but i do have some nice bud but i know barely anything about it. my plan is to get a seed and plant it in the canyon. but what do i do

    1whats the seed look like i have bud but i dont know what the seed looks like
    2how deep do i bury it
    3how often do i water it
    4 do i need to germinate it first?
    5when do i harvest it?
    6do i have to cut it a special way?
    7how di seperate the seed from bud
    8how do i make hash?
  2. I have the same questions but especially the male removal from the females? How does that allll work How can you tell which is which? Also, I have pretty nice weed but how do you get seeds for my sack? How do they look? Or does my weed even have any???? Answers would be sooooo nice! Thanks Ya'll!
  3. Im almost positive you cannot tell whether a seed is male or female,and seeds look and feel like little popcorn kernals and are usually dark in color.You can find them by just picking apart your bud.

  4. 1. Just pick it apart. They are oval shaped and dark in color. Get rid of any seeds that are light green, they are immature and won't grow.

    2. I buried mine about a quarter to half an inch deep. :)

    3. Whenever they get dry. Make sure they do not go long without water.

    4. You don't HAVE to, but it is recommended.

    5. That's up to you. You can harvest it as soon as the buds come to size, but I would be patient and let it grow.

    6. No clue.

    7. Just pick your weed apart. They will fall out of the buds.

    8. It's a complicated process, you can find articles about it in the forum. I'll get you a link later. :)
  5. so. . . when it comes time to seperate the males from the females during that critical time how can you tell the differences between the male bud and female bud? You know what i mean?I think during germination? How big are the seed? The size of a popcorn kernel?

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