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  1. I was wondering, a lot if not most indoor growers vary the light to 12/12 to get some bud, I was wondering, if you were to keep a plant in the growing stage and prune it would you end up with a big busy forest of a plant?

    Would a more mature plant yield a higher quantity or quality bud?

    I have about 4 feet tall of growing space and want to use every last bit of it.
  2. If you "prune" it properly and use LST or scrog, etc styles of growing, you would indeed end up with a bigger bushy plant. You can leave it in veg as long as you like. Be aware though that when you force it to flower it will grow 2-3 times taller. With a 4' grow height you'll use it all.
  3. You should look into SCROG or LST. It is a better approach then pruning. A larger plant will yield more assuming you have the correct lighting per space. Doubt it would be more potent though that is mostly predetermined (though can be helped with uv light and the proper nutrients).
  4. I would definitely look into lst or scrog if I were you as well. If you want to see an example of lst check out my grow in my sig at the bottom. You can see how big they have gotten compared to when I started back on 8/4. If you do either your lower stems will get more light and you will get a bigger yield as well..
  5. 4-way LST -> SCROG
    You will never look back...

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