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  1. I'v never grown any thing in my life,but I'm intrested in growing some green Im tired of buying skimpy sacks I'd rather grow my own I know absoluty nothing about it I was tould I could look on the enternet for some-thing called the marijuana-bible and found this site if your reading this & can give me some tips please jot em down I need to know every thing from [a-z]can I use the seeds from them skeempy sacks? & how can I make it more poetent? & how do I cure it? man I need to know every thing what kind of lights do I need? can I use a fish tank? or does it have to be pots? how do I set it up?whats the difference between a male & female plant? how can you tell the difference?can you smoke both? how do you grow hydro THANKS
  2. go to and read the faq. should answer all your questions
  3. welcome to the wonderfull world of growing your own the guide under my sig, it will help you from start to fisish.........happy growing.......Peace out..........Sid
  4. Read everything you possibly can. Read as many post a day as you can, and follow links. If you go to a post and follow a link, then the link might take you to another link, and that link might take you to another link. And before you know it, you'll of learned more than you planned on learning.

    Follow the links, they're the yellow brick road of growing.

    Check out sid's grow guide, the grow faq's at, granpa's grow guide, and read a couple grow jouranls to get a better wrasp on everything visually.

    Rock on, and welcome.
  5. search, and read. Once you've learned everything and feel confident start growing.

    Most make the mistake of jumping in too quickly. Take your time reading before you start growing, check out the stickys on the GC forum and the OG forum.

    Even if your not planning on growing hydro, sog, scrog, etc. still read up on it. You may find the info vital to growing and understanding other post and topics.

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