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  1. So I have grown pot over the last 30 years a few times but here is my question.
    3 months ago I purchased seeds from Dr. Chronic (white widow not feminized) and not one of them germinated. I planted 6 bag seed (indoors/hardly any seeds) from good weed at the same time and all 6 appeared with first leaves within 4 days.

    I always begin my grow with the seeds germinated right in the medium. I very seldom use a container to germinate as I see it as just one more shock for the seed going from container to medium. Like I said I've never had a problem just growing in the soil.

    So could the seeds have been radiated from overseas to here? Were they old seeds or bad seeds? Do "killer seeds" take longer to begin the process, I wanted to know? So two weeks ago I purchased 5 Snow White feminized seeds from Nirvana but this time I wanted to germinate them in a container to make sure I could see the seeds crack. I put the seeds between two paper towels in a plastic container with a lid on top of a heating pad on low to coax germination. Two days ago the seeds cracked and I transported them to soil, so far I see no life!

    Am I the only one that has had a problem germinating "killer seeds" from these seed outlets? I can't see spending $60 or more for seeds that don't spout, when I can take good bag seed and get great results. In fact good bag seed will give you a great buzz and you can name your own species.
  2. Maybe you altitude or humdity
    has something to do with it
    or maybe you just got some bogus seeds

    every seedback that i have ordered from has given me a fair germination rate
    including dr. chronic and nirvana both. look into trainwreck , there are many
    different types and strains of it and its a true yielder and very resilient

    call it what you want but bagseed itself has natural orgin
    its gotta come from somewhere:hello::wave::smoke:

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