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  1. I've got two Big Bud females and two males, letting the females get pollinated (sp) so I can have plenty of seed without buying more. In a separate location I also have 4 white widow males and one white widow female and one super silver haze female, letting the males pollinate the females. Trying to get some quality seed. Suggestions and opinions please.
  2. Not sure what you are asking.

    If you want to know if letting males and females cohabitate will produce seeds... most definitely.

    Good luck.
  3. i would personally, if possible, seperate that ssh fem from the males (atleast 1-2 miles, pollen travels)

    and then bring the bb ladies n the best bb male, kill the other one, over to the white widows.... and again leave 1 male ww around.

    keep that ssh seed freeee that shit is dannnnk.
  4. I am trying to keep the big bud plants away from the white widow & super silver haze. I have grown seeds accidently before (oops) but this is the first time I have actually tried to grow for seeds. Since this is a partnered effort, I am looking for any suggestions. Would there be any advantage to let the whole group have an orgy and cross-breed each other? I could always do that with the next generation if not this time. Big Bud is known for its quantity and White Widow for its quality. I don't know much about the Super Silver Haze. Thanks for any comments and suggestions.
  5. Why not chop the males, keep th main tops and collect pollen frm them to pollinate the plants you want to produce seed from. You can pollinate the lower branches only giving you both good seedless flowers as well as plenty of seed stock for future grows.
  6. I think it's better to narrow it down to ONE male that way u can close it, harvest pollen and always have that male around and pollen stored for key backcrosses. Backcrossing with the orginal male over and over will help keep distinct particulars you like about your female selection, true breeding.

  7. yes, a good way to tell a good male is right before the lights come on, smell all the males...the one that stinks the most is your keeper. this is very simple, but very effective.

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