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Growing For Dispensaries

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Kaptain Stealth, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. I've been very interested in what it takes to grow for a dispensary. I want to know the benefits and risks, what it takes to set up, what requirements I have to meet and etc. What should I expect? Anybody with experience please chime in. Thanks GC.
  2. Hi..

    It really depends on the laws in the state you are located. In Colorado, the goverment has done everything they can to prevent people from growing and selling to dispensaries! Check the state laws where you are located for more information.

    That being said, when a grower could sell to a dispensary, they had to grow some high quality product before the dispensary would be interested. Growing top shelf bud requires experience and good quality growing equipment... and even then you can/will still have problems. Be prepared to invest lots of time and money!

    Good Luck!
  3. I have found very little information on this subject, although I do see it advertised on craigslist every now and then. Also people are selling it on craigslist to other mmj users which is completely legal under the right conditions, but sounds kinda sketchy to me I have never sold mmj to anyone so I am just speaking from what I have seen on craigslist.
  4. Colorado is trying to prevent people from doing that?? That sucks. I knew it sounded too good. I don't know what state to move to. I'd really like to hear from someone who does this for a living so I can get a good idea about this. I don't really like the idea of selling through Craigslist. I hope more people have something to say about this.
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    All you have to do is grow quality product, take samples to your local dispensaries, and if they like it you agree on a price. It's a plus if you grow organically, but the main things are make sure you don't have bugs or mold, and that you harvest at the right time. Oh and it should be well trimmed, dried and cured well and all that good stuff. Pretty much the same thing you would do to grow a quality personal stash is the same thing you should do to sell to the clubs. And make sure you FLUSH!
  6. Yeah I remember hearing something about that. I would go organic too, but how would they know its organic? How do I prove its organic? What is considered, "harvest at the right time?" Is there a specific cloudy:amber ratio they look for? I assume that as long as my bud is some dankity goodness then it should be good right?
  7. There really isn't a way to prove you're bud is organic. If it was a legit farming industry that would be different and you would have to prove that your land had been organic for 7 or more years or something like that, but there isn't that much regulation for pot like there is veggies yet. But if you tell them your buds organic but you grew with chemical nutes and didn't flush, they'd know you were lying.

    When I say harvest at the right time, I mean mostly cloudy and some amber. It can be more of less amber, but if you harvest before it turns cloudy, they won't want your bud, and if you harvest when it's mostly amber, that won't sell as well either. A good 80/20 is about right. They will look at it under a scope and check the trics and look for mold and little bugs like gnats. Oh and you don't want seeds of course but I'm sure you know that.
  8. Ah yes of course, I pretty much thought of that. That all makes sense, thanks man. Do you grow for a dispensary?
    I wanna hear more information about this, hopefully more people can chime in.
  9. I'm working in growing for dispensaries, lol. I've got friends and a couple cousins who do (in CA and in Oregon), and I have a couple friends that work as dispensaries, so I know the process they go through. As of now I only grow enough for personal use. I go through about 3 pounds a year. But I've got 18 outdoor plants and I just cut 32 clones for indoors, so I'm hoping to have more than enough to sell this season. It's something I've been doing my homework on, so to speak. If you sample the stuff from you're local clubs, it will give you a good idea of what you have to live up to. You could always call the club and ask any questions you have. They're used to it.

    Expect to take a huge cut in price from street prices. A pound that would go for $2000 on the street will only get you $1000 at a club.
  10. Woah. Lol
    So if I get the growing part down, the test is up to state laws? Like getting a license and all that? What kind of paperwork would I need?
    Sorry for all these questions.
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    Growing for dispensaries isn't that easy around here...All dispensaries I know of are very very picky on what they accept. No molds or pests, must have adequate amount of crystals, must be dried well, cured well and trimmed VERY well. They hate leaves on the buds, they want to see 99.99% bud.
    A lb of this quality will be slightly different depending on dispensary preference. In my area a dispensary will pay 2,200-2,300 for a good lb of og's. Anything other than og's goes for about 2,000 a lb in my area and greenhouse/outdoor would only fetch about $800/lb. Of course, these rates are for DONATION, not profit. Profiting from this is illegal. You are only getting money and using it to pay for the costs of the previous grow and the next.

    Oh and, they pretty much use high powered microscopes to check out your stuff. Some even do a taste test and burn test to make sure it tastes, smells and burns like it should. If anything is below expectations, price drops proportionally.
  12. You would need to call the clubs you want to sell to and ask what paper work they require. But I agree with everything omdogg said. And yeah, they club I have the most experience always does taste tests. Best part of the job there ;)
  13. The paperwork they require 100% of the time is that you be a verifiable patient. They MAY also require a cultivator's license if you walk in with pounds at a time. (dispensaries like to run everything legal and in check)

  14. it's actually completely illegal to sell marijuana under the federal law. there are loopholes in this law however. caregivers are allowed to get a compensation to cover their service fees. and it also seems that the feds go after those who break their state and federal law. so yea the feds can raid you at any time and possibly prosecute you under the federal law.
  15. Exactly. Selling is illegal. :)

  16. Yes, Under federal law it is illegal to sell or grow marijuana and until recently the Obama administration would not prosecute for patients following their state laws. But, I recently read that has changed and its not looking good. Check it out:

    Obama admin. threatens to prosecute state employees who license medical marijuana dispensaries | The Raw Story
  17. So names matter? Like I would have a better chance selling my bud if it were OG kush, or blue dream, or trainwreck, compared to other names? Or do names not matter?
  18. Yeah name strains are pretty much all they want. People want to know what their getting before they buy it.
  19. Well that's typical for business. So only a certain number of strains are actually popular. That means most growers are growing the same strains. That makes competition harder. Hmmm this is starting to sound harder than I thought lol
  20. Anything Purple and fruity sells. GDP, Purple Urkle, Purple Kush, Fruity Pebbles. Blue Dreams, Green Crack, OG Kush, and Sour D always sell. If you can get rare clone only strains that can help make it marketable. I'm growing Green Crack and Purple Urkle Those are clone only, and C99 which is really hard to get a hold of in seed form now so it's practically clone only.

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