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Growing for a living in Co. - pipe dream?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by generalchaos, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. I currently live in michigan (americas toilet), and I work a dead end low paying job, have a $40,000 degree that is less useful then a piece of toilet paper, and cant find anything better in the job market (not even a single phone call for an interview in 2 years).

    Some friends and family of mine were taking serious consideration into moving to colorado (maybe cali but odds more to colorado) because my cousins wife got offered a very nice 6 figure job there, and they asked me if I wanted to come with them.

    So this got me thinking, pretty much the one thing in life that I excel at and actually enjoying doing (even if its really laborious) is growing MJ, and I can sure grow some A+ hydro.

    Would it be a pipe dream to think that I could move to colorado and do this for a living? Is the demand still there or are there so many people doing it now dispensaries wouldnt even want to buy it? I hear cali has to much supply these days, but ive also heard you could move 20lbs in a day easily (although that is a bit much).

    I would love to do this whole thing legitimately, pay taxes and all that but when I try to research how to do this, there is so much gray area it just gets me more confused. Opening a dispensary would be nice but I think thats too much overhead right now, so I would stick to supplying them. Im not trying to do anything huge here but if I can make 30-50k a year I think I can live quite happily.

    I guess basically im just really confused and dont know where to look for information on this, so any input from people doing it would be appreciated, or a phone number to someone I could call and talk to about it.

    almost forgot, ive read something about possible changes to colorado law in 2010? anyplace for details on this or should I wait and see what happens?

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