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  1. Ok,,,now i have a buddy that wants to grow but paranoid that electric company will notice the increase and report him...and yes its a illegal state itll only be like 2 maybe 3 plants,,,would like yalls imput so i can show him.

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  2. I, successfully grew plants under eight four-foot T5s.
    No appreciable consumption.
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  3. The power company wouldn’t care. He just needs to pay his bills make sure there’s no smell or light leakage and he’ll be fine.

    My new grow
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  4. Well thats kinda why i made this thread just to show him comments n maybe get threw to him aslong as he pays n dont piss em off

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  5. I don't condone illegal activities but in theory one could build a battery bank with inverter and you can run whenever and have different wall draw rates and times.

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