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Discussion in 'General' started by Reverend Baker, Aug 3, 2001.

  1. I remember when I joined this board. I joined because I could be a mod, I needed my power fix. But even more, I liked Yahooka, but I always felt like a newbie. I'm not one to post just to watch my counter go up, so I tend to remain unnoticed. I knew that this board had the potential to be big, and I wanted in on the ground floor.

    Now it's happening. Yahooka has taken a turn for the worst and many of the cool people are coming here. There is finally getting to be a respectable amount of traffic on these boards.

    Now with the big changes coming later this month, the potential is exciting.

    Back in the early days, we decided to take down the member counter because it was a little discouraging. Now, I think it may be time to bring it back. (Maybe that's included in the upgrade coming).

    We have over 700 registered members. :eek:

    I see that growing soon. :cool:
  2. all good things must come to an end. i came to yahooka around 2000 members. and thats when it was cool. it was almost like this board there wasnt much argueing, but then more people came and nows its, how do i discribe it? I'll make up a new word to discribe yahooka. Hjkfdsjkbaljerblkjdbfkbdksjfuifh. yahooka is very hjkfdsjkbaljerblkjdbfkbdksjfuifh. im rambeling again.
  3. Hey reverend!!!!

    good to see you again! Hope you do fine.


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