Growing Dinafem Critical + Auto CBD Feminised Plant...Ongoing Grow.

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  1. Hey everyone again! I finished growing the Amnesia Haze Auto and now moving on to the Dinafem Critical + Auto CBD plant.

    So just a basic break down from the beginning....

    Purchased Auto Flower Seeds from
    Seeds purchased was Critical + Auto CBD Feminized Seeds.

    I germinated the seed using the paper towel method inside a plastic baggy inside a humidity dome. After 2 days the seed showed it's tail (about 3/4" long).

    I placed the seed into a 3 gallon smart pot using Fox Farms Happy Frog Soil (60% mix) and Fox Farms Ocean Forest (40% mix). Also added in perlite.

    Very light watering from start (filtered water from fridge). After 2 days, plant showed itself on August 1st.

    The first 12 days I had the plant under 2 Ecosmart GP19 daylight 5000K bulbs... No nutes.....

    Day 3
    3 Day.jpg 3 Days.jpg

    Day 4
    4 Day.jpg 4Days.jpg

    Day 5
    5 Day.jpg 5Days.jpg

    Day 6
    6days.jpg 6dayss.jpg
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  2. Day 7
    7Day.jpg 7 days.jpg

    Day 8
    8day.jpg 8days.jpg

    Day 9
    9day.jpg 9 days.jpg

    Day 10
    10day.jpg 10days.jpg
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  3. Day 11
    11 day.jpg 11days.jpg

    Day 12 - Moved plant into grow tent.

    My set up is as follows:

    TopoLite 48" x 24" x 72" Grow Tent
    iPower 4Inch High CFM Inline Exhausting Fan & Carbon Air Filter
    VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum
    2 Outlet Light Timer
    Cheap 8" Fan
    Misc. Items.....Air Duct Silencer....Insulated 4" Ducting....Surge Protector....Fans speed controller....etc...


    General Hydroponics Flora Nova Grow and Bloom
    General Hydroponics pH Up and Down

    So this is how my set up is. I am running the exhaust fan on lowest fan speed setting (24 hrs.) 8" fan running (24 hrs.)
    LED Light (18/6). I had the light about 6 inches from plant on day 12 but then moved it up to around 15" due to high heat. Temp was reading 91 degrees.

    Tent Set Up:

    day13tenntts.jpg day13tentttssss.jpg Day13tent.jpg

    Day 12 (light to low)
    12day.jpg 12days.jpg
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  4. Day 13
    13day.jpg 13days.jpg

    Will try to upload pics everyday to show grow. Hopefully everything turns out. So far this plant is not growing as quick as the amnesia haze has. We will see!
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  5. Thanks!
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  6. Day 14
    14day.jpg 14days.jpg

    Need does everyone water at this stage of the plants life? Do you just sprinkle water as needed or do you water until runoff then wait a couple days to water again?
  7. Update

    Day 23 She is growing nicely I think!

    23 day.jpg 23 days.jpg
  8. I'm locked into this bro,
  9. Thanks! Have you tried this strain?
  10. Im actually running OG kush cbd auto and industrial plant auto cbd at the moment. There 50 days in. First time growing cbd strains. How do they compare.
  11. Nice! This is my first time also growing a CBD strain also.
  12. Day 33

    Ok so I am starting to see some yellowing and some brown spots on some of the older leaves. The new growth looks pretty healthy. Is this normal? If not, what do you think could be the cause? I have not given the plant any kind of nutes, just pH water.

    33 day.jpg 33 da.jpg 33 d.jpg
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    Seems like you have a pH lockout problem going on there. Have you checked your run-off to see what your real pH reading is. From the top of the pot that the plant is in, take a cup or two of your soil / medium and put it in a plastic cup that has a small whole in the bottom of it. Then make-up a mix of straight water with the pH setting you would normally be giving your plant (ie; pH 6.4 water), then take a cup of that, and pour that into the plastic cup that has a hole in it and catch the run-off in another cup. Then check what the pH reading is in that run-off. If the run-off is lower than what you poured in (ie; pH 6.4), then you will need to bring your pH level UP that many points when you feed your plant. For example.... if you started with (pH 6.4) and your run-off ended up being (pH 5.4), then anytime you feed your plant with water or a nutrient mix, then your water or nutrient mix would have to be (pH 7.4) instead of (pH 6.4), to make up for (pH 1.0 deficiency) that your soil / medium is lacking. I bet if you run my test you will see your pH is way to low, which is locking out many of the nutrients that your plant needs!
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    Thanks so much for the tips! Ok, so what I have been doing is filling up a pitcher of tap water and letting it sit overnight. The next day, I pH the water to 6.5-6.6. Then the next day I water the plant until I see run off. What I did today was I checked the extra water I did not use from last night and the ph was reading 7.0. I thought maybe I need to recalibrate my pH tester which I did and it was reading correctly. So I then took your advice and took one cup of soil, then pH'd fresh water to 6.6. I ran the water through the soil, then tested it again and suprisingly the pH held at 6.6. The only thing I can think of is that maybe letting the water sit for a total of 3 days (1 day plain water, 2nd day pH water and third day pH water) then watering the plant not testing the pH which seemed to rise to 7.0.
    Any thoughts? Maybe it needs nutrients?

  15. I ran into the same problem bud, I think it came down to over fertilisation, keep off the fertiliser trust me. Are you doing orgaincs? Thease autos are sensitive too hell.
  16. If your doing organic don't bother with ph.

    Just use plain water, i also had an issue of over watering. Also check under the leaves. I used some Damascus earth as a tip dress aswell. To keep the pests away.
  17. No I am not doing organics. To this point I have not given any nutes, just pH water. I have been hearing responses from others that I need to start giving very little nutes and to start using some cal mag.
  18. Oh just ph water, so your in week 4 ish, usually the soil has enough nutes for about 4 weeks. So hopefully upon haven't stressed them out too much.

    Yes certainly give them nutes. Keep us updated.

    Nice setup
  19. Thanks for the compliment! I think what I am going to start doing is the next watering I will give it just 1ml of nutes and then the following watering I will just give it cal mag and then repeat through the life cycle of the plant by slowly adding in more nutes. I just hope it isnt root rot which I dont think it is because i try my best not to over water. The last watering I did which was 2 days ago, I started to water until I see about 25% run off and then wait until the soil goes dry.
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