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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by johnc86, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. i am not at the stage where im ready to grow (i wont be until i move out of my mums house!) however i have a question about strain mixing.

    if you where to grow say 10 female plants (having got rid of males), could you have 5 different strains (two of each) in the one grow room at the same time?

    i would like some sative and some indica and would like to try lots of different strains (for me that would be the point of growing my own).

    does anyone do this?
  2. yes, but you would have to have a veg and a flower room because the different strains take different amounts of time.
  3. Better not mix sativa with indica for their total growing times may differ quite a bit.
    For the rest, you'll be fine.
  4. it depends on which strains you chose and what there flowering times are but if you have 2 rooms and use a sea of green perpetual harvest then you won't have any problems with grow indicas and sativas togather i am curantly growing strawberry cough, skunk#1, haze, maui waui, pure power plant, swazi skunk, and leda uno these are the more sativa ones then i have blue mystic, northern lights, mango, ice the indica phenom,bubbilious and ak-48 of these stains the only 1s that are not being grown right now are maui waui,ppp,swazi skunk, northern lights, ice, so i have 4 indicas growing with 4 sativas you just need to rember that sativas streach alot when they go to the flowering room a 6" inch clone put to flower thats sativa will end up 2' foot plus when done pure sativas streach more than x's do my has ends up close to 4' foot when put to flower at 6" inches so if you want to grow sativas be prepared to have long internodes with smaller buds that can and do take 3 month's of flower sometimes longer if its a pure sativa. of the strains i got there flowering times range from 6 to 14 weeks most are 8 to 10 weeks thought well actualy all but 2 1 is 6 weeks the other is 14 but i wanted to try a pure sativa so i did my research on what i figured would be the best sativa for me by the way some might reconize the strains i have from other forums im big bud at nirvana and ice#1 at homegrownbud and was ice#1 at overgrow before they got busted
  5. hope this helps clear it up for you johnc86

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