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  1. ok, i have my two plants growing in a fairly large closet. my question is, will the fact that i have clothes in the closet hurt my plants and also, the temp seems to stay between 79-83 degrees...i have a fan in there but it doesnt really seem to make a difference

  2. I don't think the clothes should be a problem I once used them as light shields. I'd just make sure there clean really. As far as heat is concerned those temperature are fine but I'll give you some other tips. Debating on your light type you could invest in an air cooled reflector, which greatly reduces heat. The reason your temperature doesn't decrease with the fans so much is that you are just blowing the warm air around when what you need to do is remove it. Like for example on my flowering room I have an exhaust pulling air out of the room and then it removes the heat into my attic so that it is no longer present in the grow. Doing it this way does not allow the heat to collect and gradually increase. If you post some more info about your set up I could help more. Good luck
  3. Thanks for the set-up is pretty basic, I'm just seeing in I have enough of a green thumb to do this
  4. Clothes won't hurt the grow, the but grow will stink up the clothes.

    Fans don't cool the air, so having a fan in a warm closet is just blowing warm air around. You need intake of cool fresh air and exhaust to remove the warm air, and use a fan to drive that ventilation.
  5. ok, i understand that but what's a good way to do that without destroying my closet because i live in an apartment???
  6. If you wanted you could take the light fixture down in the top of the closet and run your exhaust out that. I just chopped a 4" hole in the wall of my apartment, you just have to repair it before you move out. It is not a bad fix at all.
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    Growing in an apartment is risky.

    Your landlord or subcontractors could come in unannounced. Yeah, I know, your lease says they have to give you notice, but it also says that they can enter without notice in an emergency, which is totally up to them to decide. The lease might even stipulate that you have pre-authorized certain types of servicemen to enter without prior notice for routine maintenance (changing out furnace filters, for example). Believe me I know, I've been a landlord. That doesn't mean your landlord will be snooping on you, but what if your neighbor leaves the tub running and your apartment is flooding, they are coming in unannounced.

    You have very close neighbors. Venting into a wall like ggmallow suggested might work, but that smell very easily could seep into your neighbors' apartments. You should expect to have some amount of smell to deal with, maybe a lot, and you have many people close by all around you.

    You have limited choices. In a house you can vent to an attic, a basement, out a window or through the roof, etc, lots of potential choices. In an apartment you have other units surrounding you, limiting the directions and choices you can go. You also won't want to be making big holes and major changes to the walls, ceilings, electricity, vents, etc like you can in your own house.

    Think about it. I know it is tempting to grow, but don't do it if you don't have a secure place that allows you to maintain total stealth.
  8. som ppl vent there stinky hot air into the air stack for the toilet.. but you have to kno what your doing n be fast about it..
    and like everyone saids your gonna need som kind of venting if not for the heat for the smell... when they start to bud they will stink and iam sure once som1 walks thru ur door they can smell it

    IMHO i cant com up with a solution unless you make a grow box in ur closet so you can run the exhaust thru a carbon filter
  9. I live at the end of a townhouse and trust me, my maintence men and landlords are to lazy to even change the I have everything upstairs where no repairs or anything would possibly be for the light fixture thing, would work if I had a light fixture in there, but I dont. I do have an attic type space about 1 1/2' x 1 1/2'...may be a possibility there? What I do know is that a very simple set-up would definitely work...not trying to do anything special but supply myself

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