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Growing Clones

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deleted member 474461, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. So i'm not sure if this is the place to post this question or not i'm sorry if it is not.:confused: Anyway, I am a California medical marijuana patient, the dispensary i go to all the time sells clones, I was wondering a few things,:confused: A. Does growing clones differ from regular growing. B.What is the cheapest but still effective lighting method i can use(I.E what kind of lights where can i get them) and C.What is the quickest yet most effective way i can grow.(like is there any special methods i need to know) Sorry if this sounds kinda dumb:confused_2:, I am a long time toker:smoke: but i don't know jack about growing at all, However i am determined to learn.:hello: also sorry for the excessive use of smiles i'm just so easily entertained lol well time for me to go :bongin: hope to see replies soon, Thanx
  2. Well... Yes this is the wrong section.

    I believe that clones won't bear seeds.

    As for lighting, I'm not really sure, check out the growing section under cultivation.
  3. you can use cheap CFL lights for a plant.

    A clone is an exact replica of the plant it came from, if it was a female plant, then the plant will be female.

    Go down to the "absolute beginners" forum.
  4. Marijuana Cultivation
    > Absolute Beginners

    If the clones are already established, then they are rooted and ready to grow. They will develop into an exact copy of the mother plant. This garuntees a female, which is one of the primary reasons people do it.

    Another reason is to preserve and propagate exceptionally ideal specimines. Generally speaking, people don't pick just any plant to clone, so you are usually going to get something above-par.

    Cheap and effective? For a single plant?

    2X 5600K ('Daylight') 42watt CFLs.
    3X 2700K ('Soft White') 42watt CFLs.

    Buy them at any store, from WalMart to a home building center. Go with a brand name. Phillips is good. You should replace CFLs after 6 months of use to avoid diminishing returns as the light spectrum wanes.

    That entirely depends on your growing medium, method, and investment in fertilizers, etc.

    I suggest you Google the following, “strain grow journal.” (“Strain” should be replaced with the strain you plan to grow.) This will reveal many grow journals featuring various methods. You can pick the least expensive and most productive, as proven out by other growers.

    For an example, check out TasteBuds first grow:

    If you've not yet decided on a strain, I might suggest an auto. They tend to be more beginner friendly. Check out the link in my sig for an example.

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