Growing clones in a 1 bedroom apartment

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  1. Hey everyone, I've been reading a few of the threads on here but I'm still confused as to what I actually need to do to grow from clones.

    My local dispensary has a bunch of nice clones.. I'd like to grow a few plants in my apartment but I honestly haven't a clue where to start.

    I have some closets in here but I also have a lot of open space in my living room area... since I only want to try and grow a few plants (maybe 2-3?) I imagine I wouldn't need some crazy huge setup or anything...

    Where should I start with this whole process? If anyone can help at all I would be forever appreciative!
  2. I would say start off by looking at some grow tents. I grow 2 plants myself for personal use, and my setup is a 4x4 tent with a 400 digital ballast and light running it. Here is a picture and in the bottom left you can see my clone dome where I take my own clones for my next grow. I would also start reading more to get general idea of whats going to work best for you in your situation. Good luck :smoking:
  3. That looks like a pretty nice set up - I could definitely do something like that. I think I even have the same fan you have.

    From what I read, I apparently need the right light, the right ventilation, etc.. I'm clueless as to what I need to buy... Is anyone willing to walk me through it step by step? I've never actually grown anything on my own before... not even a tomato...
  4. How to Grow Green with Mr Green Pts 1 - 9 - 420 Magazine

    heres a good link for some information on growing. Itll give you the basics.

    It really depends on how much youre willing to spend and what youre willing to do.

    Do you know the basics of growing? if not you should read the stickys at the top of the forum. I see you have tons of rep and tons of posts so you have no problem with reading. :D for an 'experienced blade' growing a couple of plants should be a breeze. I <3 the rep system.

    After you have read up on the basics if you still have questions. I'm sure there will be plenty of people including myself willing to help you out. Step by step if need be.

    Good luck.
  5. Thanks for that link - I checked some of his videos and will probably have to spend some time sifting through it - it looks like he has a gigantic setup and that's waaaaaay larger than what I'm looking to do.

    Literally only want to grow like 3 plants. Just something small to try out for my first time.

    I don't know if I just have some brain block or I literally just do not understand the instructions in the stickies, but I am completely lost.

    I was hoping maybe someone out there who has done something similar could give me advice on what they did to grow and I can just replicate what they did. I'm not looking to be a trailblazer and do something crazy and unique haha I just want to know what works and how to do it exactly....

  6. I dont mind helping. I have a closet grow that has turned into something a little bigger. How much money were you setting aside for this project? how well do you work with your hands? there are many possiblities when it comes to compact growing.. just depends on what method you prefer. A grow tent is probably what youre looking for because dealing with heat will be an issue. Even the tent will make some heat and just having a fan moving air around in there isnt going to help. you could go buy your clones and while youre out get a couple of clamp reflectors and some 24 watt daylight bulbs 1 bulb/fixture per clone just to get you started.

    Post some pictures of possible grow space so we can help you determine what is best. Are you willing to do construction? like cut holes into walls? nail/screw/glue? Do you have a closet that is big enough to split into two individual spaces?
  7. Money: It all depends on how much everything costs - if its reasonable, I can afford it... I haven't put any aside specifically for this, but it shouldn't be an issue.

    I'm pretty good with my hands. I know I have the ability to do all of this, I just don't have the knowledge and I don't want to mess it up.

    Haha.. see what I mean - I have no idea what a clamp reflector is or whether these "24 watt daylight bulbs" are something I can find easily at say a Target or something...

    Noooo.... I rent - I can't put holes in walls or damage the floors or anything like that. All of my closets are packed with stuff - the two I have in my bedroom are full of clothes and linens and the coat closet near my front door has all of my cleaning supplies and whatnot.

    I could try to clean it out - its just a standard sized closet - but there is no ventilation in there and i'd have no idea how to do that without damaging anything.

    I was hoping there'd be a way to do this in my living room area where I have about a 5' x 5' area to set up...
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    ok well then a grow tent is the best thing for you.

    All light makes heat so youll have to find a place for it to go unless youre just going to let the heat stay in the room and try to overcome it with a/c

    where is the intake to your a/c? (the place your air filter goes that sucks air when the a/c is on) depending on its location you could run flex duct from a grow tent to it to help deal with heat.

    lights arent that expensive if you only want to do a few plants. a daylight bulb and a clamp fixture are both things you can get from target or walmart. Do you want to have a perpetual grow? or just 1 space to do one grow cycle at a time?

    Do you want to do soil or hydroponics?

  9. dr. hydro really knows his stuff...he's really helped me out along the way.

    my suggestion is to buy a book called "grow great marijuana" by logan edwards. a very easy, quick read that will teach you the basics. i got it for like $15 i think off of amazon. and don't cheap out of equipment, you'll regret it.

  10. Thanks bro, I try to help where i can. I am glad to be able to contribute to GC
    That is a good book. I'm not sure if youre familar with torrents or not but it might be located that way.

    He is also right on the setup. If you have the money to invest into a setup regardless of the size. Do it right or not at all because in the end you will learn like the rest of us that wanted to cut corners.. It just doesn't work.

  11. I have a portable air conditioner in my bedroom - its the only place in my entire apartment that I can have it because its the only room with windows (the living room has sliding glass doors onto a balcony)

    But I don't have room in my bedroom to set up any kind of grow...

    I could always get a few fans and circulate the air out, no? My apartment is under heavy shade so it doesn't get too hot even in the summer - I didn't have the AC last summer and I was fine with just a fan..

    Where would I find a grow tent? I also just want to do one grow cycle and try it out for the first time.. I don't know the difference between soil or hydoponics and I figure with only a small area in the corner of my living room to work with, soil would be the way to go.. ?

    as for money - I don't really want to spend a lot. I mean, I have money - but I can easily just go to a dispensary and buy weed if I need it. I'm just doing this because I'd like to try and grow my own and see how it goes.. but I don't want to spend an exorbitant amount of money to grow like 2-3 little clones.
  12. yo can get full complete grow tents of ebay for around 500$ ,you will get your light,ballest,bulb,carbon filter for oder control ,pots,nutes,soil,the lot is avabale in one package .

  13. oof... that's a lot more than I'm willing to spend :/

    i wasn't aware they were that pricy....

    i was thinking I could do this for less than $100...
  14. I just finished buying everything for my apartment grow...probably spent a little over $1000. $100 isnt going to go far at all.

    My suggestion is to watch the Ultimate Grow dvd and read some of the stickies on here. It will eventually click and you'll understand the basics.
    When I first started reading about this I was lost, but I watched that video a few times and then started reading on here. Now I get the basics of whats needed.
  15. Man... I honestly didn't think it would cost that much to grow a couple plants! Perhaps this is a bad idea after all.. :(
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    Some suggestions

    Suggested lighting

    Grow tent(cheaper one)
    Grow tent (more expensive)
    Ph pen
    PPM Pen

    EDIT :
    yeah, its not cheap to do it right. Which is why it costs at the dispensary.
  17. well thank you for the links and the help... i do appreciate it... i'll save them for when I may have the money to grow, but now I don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon...
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    Not a problem. Hope the links come in handy
    Smarter than most people that want to attempt growing.:hello:

    I like it when people listen and dont try to do things half ass and expect to get something for nothing.
  19. I'm curious though... that does seem like an awful lot of equipment to grow 2 or 3 little clones... I would try with just one but i read something somewhere that says I should grow 3 at minimum (then again, that may have been just in reference to if you're growing from seeds... I'm not sure of the difference).

    There really isn't like a super concise, small thing to use to grow one plant?
  20. Weedandbombs, you should definitely spend more time in the grow section of the GC. Preferably the Design and Setup threads. You'll get a really good understanding of what it is you need to start to grow. Probably even find a setup that somebody else has that you could copy. Spend a lot of time lurking everyone's grow journals and I would bet money in a couple of weeks you'll have learned so much info that you will have to put corks in your ears to hold in all the information.

    Think about it, $500. That's what, 2oz. at the dispensary. You could get maybe 3-4oz. off your first grow with 3 plants. As long as you don't screw things up too bad. Think of the money you would save just on the first grow alone. Not to mention all the subsequent grows.

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