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  1. i cut a small hole in a netpot, made a clone cutting, put through the hole in the netpot so the stem was 1 inch in the water, then i filled the netpot with hydroton. great success, i now have roots growing off the stem after 10 days

    my question is what do i do now, since the stem will get wider the netpot will choke the stem and the roots are too big now to pull through the netpot tohave them sit in the hydroton. what can i do, without killing the clone?
  2. Won't the roots and stem just mangle the net pot with time?
  3. this is my first clone, before it was seed and i grew in rockwool with hydroton and in that the grow only the roots grew through the netpot. the stem never reached below the netpot like this. with that the stem grew to 1 inch but had room to grow being surrounded by the hydroton. I dunno perhaps it will be fine.
  4. You can move the whole netpot from one DWC to the next. Or, carefully cut off the net pot. Place rooted clone into desired medium of choice.

    In the future if you are using DWC just for cloning and then you're planting into hempy or soil or whatever, you can cut off all the rims of your netpots, and throw the basket parts in the garbage. Then you can buy the foam plugs that fit into the netpots from they hydro store. They have a slot in them that will hold the stem in place and are easily removable.
  5. Thanks Senseimillan for your advice, constantly learning!!!
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  6. @arianabedford, learning and teaching is an exchange of ideas and information, experiences and feelings. I'm just happy to be a part of yours and others' experiences as you discover the ability in yourself to improve your own life and well being through those discoveries.

    Good luck on your grow and don't forget to keep your DWC around 65 degrees, or you'll have a lot more issues with your roots to consider than how to get the netpot off!

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