Growing cannabis with the aero garden

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BudJuanaMan420, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. hey i just got a aero garden custom pro and it has a 40 inch ajusible arm with full spectrum lights and since aero grow grows everything else super super fast can i modify it so i can grow weed fast in it?:)
  2. how much light does it have? how many watts?
  3. Bummer. Because there's not enough root space unless maybe your growing lowryder, making clones or keeping them vegging. Most people avoid the aerogarden none the less....
  4. The only thing you can grow is lowryder or lowlife if you want decent buds.
  5. In the September edition of High Times there was an article about growing in an AeroGraden thing-a-ma-bob (In fact now that I look at it, it's right on the cover :p)

    Said person used a standard Aerogarden set to "Tomato" the whole time. Followed the directions as instructed. He used Lowryder 2 seeds. Distilled water. And those finished buds looked luscious man :p
  6. thats wut i was gunna say haha.
  7. How much did they yield?
  8. i believe it said it yeilded under an oz even under prestine conditions.
  9. It says not to expect more than an ounce (even though the ounce was dank XD ) or so per cycle, as tokeup stated.

    However they only tested one strain with the basic Aerogarden (2 feet vertical height)

    A different strain may suit Aerogarden better, and if not, his has an additional 16 inches of grow space. So it doesn't seem unreasonable to me that someone could get at least 2 ounces or so with the deluxe or w/e

    According to Lowryder 2 has an average height of 17-19 inches. Perfect for the Aerogarden, but a slightly taller strain might be better suited for the deluxe. Am I babbling? Sorry, I tend to do that when I'm high :smoking:

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