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  1. ...i wouldn't bother with flouros - get a high pressure sodium lamp: 250w should be fine for 1-3 plants - just don't put it too close to your seedlins or they'll buuuuurn...
  2. Ok, thanks, how much do those usually cost?
  3. OK, I found a web site with a list of high pressure sodium bulbs, well within my budget, which can fit into a normal socket, which do you think would be what I need, and how far above the plant/seedlings, do you place the light? Is their a rule like for every 100 watts its an inch or something?

  4. Thanks seijin! PLEASE MY FELLOW GROWERS...
    Go look at this site and tell me if you see what I see? Look at 'HID Floods'.
    Earth girl might be in love!
  5. high again seijin!
    Those were only 75(virtual)Watts. With compact fluoros, you have to keep them within 4 inches of the foliage. This means placing them over, under, around, and between. If you maximize reflective interior by rounding corners, and keeping the walls very close, even covering the soil surface with reflective, then you might get somewhere. (The early indoor rebels for the cause would have envied presentday CF's, but the HID's are really the present way to go. With the CF's you can get away with a tent of 'space blanket'. With the HID you need a flat pure white all around. I use styro plates to cut corners, and as cover beneath the plants.
    The moral of the story:"It is better to have One Bulb of Great Quality in the can, than 10 bulbs with trailing cords in hand." For 10 bulbs at $80.00, thetotal actual wattage is 150!
    BTW, the hps bulbs you were looking at must have a ballast, and will not operate in a regular light socket at 110Volts, or even 220.
    Let's see what some of the grobros have to say about those HID Floods.
    L8R M8, eg
  6. Thanks, Earth Girl. I think I need a little more planning.

  7. not bad for under 200, i just wouldnt want to convert it

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  8. Man.. I have no cash, I think I'm just gonna make friends with Mr. Sun.

    Seijin... or get a job.. ya right

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