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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by teg21, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. when should i start using my lights, i think i am gonna start out with 3 fluros 150W each, and then later a 400 hps, how many computer fans do you think i should use, 1 or 2?

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  2. how much are thoes bulbs and wher did u get em...home depot.
  3. they are 4 packs for 30 dollars on ebay.
  4. thats a 33w floro not 150w.

    get the other 1 u posted a pic of, the 40 something watt 1 thats = 2 a 175 incandesant.
  5. have a look at the bits iv marked. thats wot u need to look at when ur buyin cf's

    and this 1 is less than 2000 lumens. ive got some 23w cf's that r 2300 lumen. just normal house type things.

    any chance of a pic of the other cf's wher i can read wot it says?

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  6. thats for that brand, there are at least 40w bulbs, and i think i saw a 45w once......
  7. here it is, and the specs, i think i am going to buy these.

    Features & Specifications:

    Energy Saving: 44 watt bulb provides 175 watts (2640 lumens) of light output.
    Longer-lasting: 10,000 hours of life!
    Measures 7.5 inches high and 2.5 inches wide.
    Color temperature: 2700k Warm White
    Instant on, flicker free performance.
    Includes Harp Extenders.
    Energy-Star Compliant
    Premium TriPhosphor provides high lumen output and excellent lumen maintenance.
    End of life protection on all ballasts
    World class components, guaranteed superior ballast performance
    UL Listed.
    Non-dimmable. Cannot be used with dimmers.

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  8. this question isnt for me but a freind, lets say he wants 1 plant, in a box that we are going to make, how many watts/lumens should he have, and remember the space is limited, how close can fluorescents be to the plant?
  9. well cf do get hot so u have to watch how close u put them to the plant. If you place the back of your hand where the plant is and its too hot for u then its too hot for the plant also.Id say 2-3 of thoes 40 watt ones should grow you some recepctable bud, but the more the better. if you are worried ablout space go with some 2ft tubular ones. I grew with thoes and you cant litterally put them right on top of the plant without it burning up.

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