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  1. It's not my job to tell you the rules, it's your responsibility to read and know them.

    These threads encourage hand holding. Someone comes on here with no idea what their doing in order to be told what to do and where to look instead of taking the initiative to find out for themselves and then coming back for clarification.

    I have no issues with helping, but life doesn't cater to hand holding and I'm certainly not one to encourage it.

    I have said my piece, good luck on the grow.
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  2. Did i miss something? I read the rules. Doesnt say anything about asking for help. Im not trolling.
  3. Thanks hope it works out.
    But ill try again if it doesnt.
  4. Oh god. Go to facebook or instagram with your drama. There are no rules saying i cant ask for help. Dont feel like helping , dont youre not obligated, but instead your spilling your feelings on how you feel, on what people should do . But no you feel like you have to be heard. I heard you, bye.
  5. No but dude really, the smallest 5 min read on growing would tell you that you need a pot with aeration ask yeah, while it spins a debate and our dude was being a dick, you my friend are being a bigger dick for not wanting to put any legwork in.

    I'll say hang this plant upside down and it would grow better. Do it at your own peril.

    Nothing wrong with seeking help, but it's no one's responsibility, neither your right so keep some courtesy.


    Check out my first grow log:

    First ever grow: How do the girls look?
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  6. Youre assuming shit.

    But again, you arent obligated to help.
    Idk why you feel obligated to keep messaging about your feelings. Facebook is on a different app.
  7. Intolerance , greatest enemy of the human race .
  8. You, my friend are absolutely correct. I'm outta here.

    Check out my first grow log:

    First ever grow: How do the girls look?
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  9. Yeah checked it out. We basically both asked how they were doing. You forsure are a hypocrite.
    The only difference is your plant is way bigger and nicer set up and i didnt put all tht info you did.
  10. Surprised nobody mentioned the clear bowl. Fyi, light kills the roots. The problem with a lot of noobs, is the lack of initiative. (Don't take this the wrong way). Too many just pop a seed in some dirt or crappy soil just to see "if it grows". Then when it sprouts and starts reaching for the heavens like Jack's beanstalk, they come on here and start looking for advice. Some experienced growers get frustrated having been asked the same questions over and over again. I have had @Azzanadra personally chime in and offer advice to me when I have asked a question so he is willing to help. Not a dick.
    I agree that one should read, search, and go through as many threads as possible before popping a bean in soil. Growing cannabis can be an expensive, time consuming hobby. Is it hard? No. But, there is a lot to know. Many do not know that, and get upset that they only pull a couple g's of low quality bud. If you want to grow a good quantity of some dank, stick around and do a little research, ask some questions if you can't find your answer. Trust me. This is a pretty chill community willing to help. We are all learning and can help each other.
    Now, if you are serious about getting this a grow, there is a lot of commitment and funding that is needed. What is your equipment budget? And your monthly budget that you can afford to shell out for electricity and additional needed things that may come up. What do you have for available room to grow?
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  11. Eh its a 50/50 . About 3 ppl helped me out .
    And 3 ppl got all offended because i asked a question, that they didnt need to respond to and could looked at a different post. But still insist on telling me how they feel. You guys are acting like i insulted you with my noob ways.
  12. Enough with the damn bickering - you're all coming off as dicks. OP - You don't have enough light, wrong pot - no holes and impossible to transplant, wrong soil, no nutes, and no prior knowledge of how to grow. After your plant dies and before you plant another seed I suggest you learn everything you can about growing cannabis. Here's a good place to start.
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  13. Everyone was a noob at some point . No one is forcing anyone to answer , so what i have quoted you on is totally Irrelevant . I've noticed in most forums there are people who think they own the place ( i'm not referring to you as the rest of your post is spot on ) , telling people what they can and can not post . Some people are bone idle and want everything done for them granted , but some just need a lil push in the right direction . Some people get so uptight i wonder if they've ever seen weed let alone smoke / grow it ;-D
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  14. Yall are the worst pot heads for reals.
    We suppose to be chill and yall hyped up over a damn plant.
    Probably ran out of bud waiting for yall shit to grow. . .but thank you for that info. Wassnt hard for these whiney bitches to say in the 1st place.
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  15. Insulting people and name calling might not be the best approach if you are looking for grow advice. Good luck.
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  16. If i did research i still wouldnt be doing it myself. Ill just be taking everyones elses way of doing it.
    But all i just asked if there was anything else i needed to do to keep it alive. . .theyre putting more stress into these convos than i am with the very lil stress i have over this plant. . .someone just said hey try this app and look and post through the forums its cool. . . And its really not. If you need help with fungus in your plant theyre happy to help. Even though you can look it up yourself and do your own research. I think just anything, im a noob and new to the app and maybe this app isnt big, why would people who know how to grow be on this app in a forum that says "ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS", even you say people think they own this app. . .imma just go ahead amd delete this shit. Have a good night.
  17. They didnt help lol. You did a little bit. But nothing i didnt know from the 3 ppl that actually helped, that posted earlier.
  18. They didn't help so you felt it necessary to call them dicks. I helped a little bit according to you, but apparently not enough. Would you like me to come over and grow your plant for you? The 3 people that you claim actually helped - you were already aware of their help tips. Why did you even start a thread and ask for advice?
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  19. Has anyone ever sat on the toilet long enough to have your ass a d legs fall asleep?

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  20. Man my IBS has been acting up, almost an hour on the toilet this morning. I try to do a little stretch. I need to stop eating so much fast food :laughing:
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