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  1. I through a weed seed in some pot just to see if it will even grow. And it did. Ive just had it in a pot. Today i went out and bought a 40w CFL light after almost 2 weeks of it growing. I want to keep it alive. What else should I be doing.


  2. Getting it out of that bowl, adding more light, and burying that stem. You want a pot with drain holes, if that doesn't already have them. Cannabis doesn't like constantly wet soil.
  3. I'm also new. On my first grow.

    You should get a pot with holes on the bottom so the water can drain out. Also, the light needs to be closer. The plant is stretching/reaching for the light.
    This happened to one of my seedlings, and it tipped over, bent, and died because it couldn't support itself, being as tall as it was, and because I didn't support it like you did.
    Idk a whole lot about lights, so make sure you get an opinion on that, too.

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  4. Jeesus..

    Doomed before it started.

    Do us a favor, get outta here read a guide thoroughly get the right equipment and then come back and start again.
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  5. No need to be a dick.
    Thats why i came here.
    To get help personally from people, not to read the thousands of articles of growing differently.
    But thanks. Excuse yourself.
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  6. Okay ill add an extra light. And be careful on the watering. Ill also add more soil. Thank you for the help.
  7. Yeah i just added the light after almost 2 weeks. But i didnt know it was going to grow. So if it dies ill pop another seed in and try again with help im getting from this online forum. Thank you.
  8. You're the one that needs to leave. This is a forum that's for helping beginners. If you have a problem with beginner questions, go to another forum.
    He came here to learn. How about sending him one link (even, instead of being a dick?

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  9. It'll be easier the second time, if it does die. Cuz then you'll know what to expect. After my seedling fell over, I planted my next seeds deeper then that one.

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  10. First thing you need to do is put it in a pot with drainage and add 50% perilite. you can get it anywhere that sells garden stuff probably. If you don't do that it will almost die for sure. Then, move your cfl 2 inches away from the top of it. Now, don't water again untill it's a little bit dry. That should get you trough the next two weeks

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  11. i wouldn't just add an extra light but i would put the lights about 2 or 3 inches from the plant to prevent anymore stretch.
  12. I just traded the pot. I hope i didnt shock it. If i remember, from shocking my other plant, i switched it carefully. And i will add more soil to also help support and hide the stem.
  13. That's a good idea. I'm not sure what kind of pot you used, but one that's open at the top, and not curved, is easier to transplant then the bowl shape because it just slides right out if you do it right.

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  14. Thank you for the info, i did move it closer. Its now 3in away
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  15. Im hoping i did. I moved it to a square pot. No more bowl.
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  16. I didnt know what that was. But just read up on it. Thanks. Ill get it at home depot. Do i mix it in with the soil?
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  17. yea
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  18. If you read the forum rules you would know why.
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  19. Then say that next time. List the rules if it bothers you that much. You can do that without being a dick.

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  20. Nice good luck man, mix it in the soil by try not to mess up the roots

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