Growing Autos with Migro 100+

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  1. New to growing and I want to start with autoflowers (single plant grow). I am ordering a Migro 100+ led light and a AC Infinity Cloudline T6. I'm pretty good with carpentry so I plan to build a single plant wall cabinet mounted ceiling height. I plan to have the fan mounted in the attic feeding the carbon filter. The cabinet will be in the garage as my wife isn't a big fan of weed. I plan to insulate the cabinet with closed cell foam boards and duct hvac straight to the cabinet from the house system. I will make the hvac connection right at a ceiling register so when the hvac is off it will continue to draw from the house air thru the register. I have figured out the length and width of the cabinet but not sure on the height using the Migro 100+ on autoflowers with 3 gallon pot. Anyone have experience using the Migro 100 with autoflowers? Need to figure out the minimum total height needed. Dont want to be scorching my plant.
  2. Fan is very nice I plan on upgrading to one soon. Light wise I would strongly recommend another brand. Quantum boards seem to be very popular and definitely sold me.
  3. Why do you strongly recommend a different light?
  4. Maybe not strongly recommend but I trust LED companies that don't have hype words all over webpage.
  5. I'll look into the quantum boards. Now about the cabinet height issue..
  6. That looks like a decent light, a modern COB.
    Its description says it consumes 115 watts, and will work for a 2 ft x 2 ft area.

    You can never have too much height.
    Autos can get huge, strain and grow method dependent.
    I've had 7 foot DWC autos that grew into the lights, and could not be contained, no matter what.
    Your can always lower the light for short plants, but too-tall plants are a major problem.
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  7. 60 inch minimum for me, and my containers are only 8 inches tall. Running out of height room is a real messed up problem. I keep my autos contained to 24 inches by a pruning technique called mainlining which is a very foolproof method. You'll really be glad you spent the money on the qb boards.
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  8. ....
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  9. Migro did a test video on both lights. Both are about equal in actual real world testing. The Migro has a few minor benefits over the QB. One being a 3 year warranty and easy adjustable dimmer built in, and the led isn't exposed on the Migro. Not sure which I'll use. Both are top of the line products. I've decided to just build a 2'x3' closet in the garage and never worry about space. I will still insulate it and duct in hvac to it. Thanks for the feedback. Yall kept me from a future headache.
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  10. good idea. I just push the qb so people know they are out there and are proven pot growers. I have over $1000 worth of lights in storage that were all highly rated at the time. With qbs, lights are becoming kind of mundane. When someone is starting up most just say, get a qb and a fan and a seed. I think with some insulated boards a diy could make a tent owner jealous.
  11. I'm new to growing but I'm knowledgeable in general home building and decent in hvac. I think I will make a journal on the outdoor closet build. There may be someone else out there in a similar situation.
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