growing autos in south america

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  1. hey guys, first things first i'm from Brazil and i've decided to get some studies and readings about weed grown (cuz the weed from here is a totally shi* and i want something better than the mixers that dealers from here make, for sure we got the worst weed in the world).
    I got already everything set up to start it (Mixed soil, seeds, knowloge)
    Well, i want grown auto on my yard, and i also know that autos needs a schedule 20 hours light/4 dark, the question is if i put 'em outdoors they will grown as if i was puted indoor wit 20/4 cycle?
    Seens pretty dumb that kind of question but we only have 14 hours of sunlight in here.
    Thx and sorry for the bad english haha.
    (by te way, my seeds are short rider from nirvana).
  2. autos will not care what the light cylce is and that is the lure to them... irregardless of your light schedule outside most will veg grow for between 2.5 to 3.5 weeks then start flowering whether the light is 12/12 or 14/10 or 18/6 or 20/4....ect ect. People have successfully flowered some autos in Alaskan summers under near 24 hrs of light as well as i have seen friends flower some in a windowsill getting barely 4 or 5 hours of good daylight per day......yields will vary greatly is all
  3. Is it legal to grow in your back yard in Brazil ?? It is in California where I'm at..
    Look up your latitude and coldest winter temps.. Likely you can flower outside all year long you'll just need to figure out how to extend veg time for best yields..
    Start collecting seeds from the local stuff.. Really doesn't matter for now as with care even the street shit seeds can grow some nice end product and why pay stupid money for seeds if you don't have to..
    Figure out a space you can veg in and you can start vegging them today.. Not much is needed at first just enough light to keep them awake at night.. Set the tray out in the sun during the day and under a CFL at night is enough..


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