Growing Autoflowers Outside

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by FriendlyMelon, May 9, 2016.

  1. Hey members of Grasscity,

    As everyone can see I'm pretty new to the forum.
    I stumbled upon it when googling on how to grow autoflowers outside.
    and as I couldn't find a good explanation/guide (I'm sorry if there is and I didn't find it)

    So I'm planning on growing autoflowers this year.
    My goal is to start somewhere this week.

    I'm also really new to growing weed, this will be my first time.
    So some information, I live in Belgium so the weather isn't always great.
    I've found a nice spot around 100 meters away from houses near the edge of some woods where nobody goes.

    So my obvious question is, how to do it and if it is possible.
    I've read a lot of beginners guides but as I lack a lot of English vocabulary I don't really understand everything, My plan was to let them sprout for a week in my room and then put them in the woods (digging a hole and then putting them in the ground)

    I want to grow "Royal AK Automatic" and I'm wondering how often I need to water it, do I need to give it special "soil" or nutrients.

    A big thanks in advance,
  2. Depending on the weather over there, you shouldn't really have to water, if it's not extremely dry in Belgium... just dig yourself a hole, put in quality potting soil, maybe mix in some worm castings. And with the seeds you buy , I'd recommend starting them inside, or at least germinate them in wet paper towels, before sticking them in the hole... hope that little bit helped
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  3. Oh and green chicken wire is your friend! They are extremely vulnerable to getting eaten when they are small.
  4. Make sure they get plenty of sunlight.

    Buy a brand of soil like "Fox Farm Ocean Forrest", it already has nutrients in it.

    I would let it absorb the nutrients in the soil at first, then when the plant shows signs of nutrient deficiency (Yellowing of leaves, Brown spots on leaves, ect.), start feeding it nutrients at 1/4 or 1/2 the amount said on bottle.

    I have not grown yet so if im wrong, someone correct me!.
  5. Your correct on everything just one little tip for the grower on the nutrient's once the yellowing of leaves or brown spots early in the vegetation stage you should start with 1/4 of the directions on the bottle of nutrients because too much nutrients will kill them as you get to week 6-9 give 1/2 of the nutrients
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  6. And you don't absolutely have to use expensive soil. Just till it up, take out rocks, root. And depending on soil use perlite, and throughout the year ,light doses of blood/bonemeal, or other dry fertilizers mixed in in top layer of soil
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  7. hello melon your lucky like me with woods in your backyard .Yes it's great cover, but your only problem is too much trees shading around the grow area .You will need to clear out only enough tree branches so that just enough light to grow happy happy weed :love-mj2:.I wouldn't start my seeds in doors.artificial lighting is a lot of work hardening off your plant .Better off starting outside less bull shit in the end risk of stunting .check out my thread i will be updating soon showing the actual .hope your quest for ganja is a success
  8. But definitely germinate indoors, then plug em in
  9. I have a grow similar to yours, the way I did it I went out dug my holes (about 30cm in diameter/depth, making them just over 7 gal) and simply replaced the dug out soil with multi purpose compost and perlite, about a 3 to 1 ratio. Then I germ'd the auto seeds and planted them in cups till they sprouted, and planted them in their holes straight away. Going great so far.
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  10. did you already order the seeds? I had free ak seed from them and it turned out pretty shit compared to my two other Northern light plants. I wouldnt suggest northern lights either because it flowers for so much longer than advised on the package. AK was done almost a month ago but the fucking northern light one plant still going and has like 1-2 weeks more.

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