Growing autoflowers outdoors gurilla style UK

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by stoned42, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Hey, Im going to grow some autoflowers here in the UK outdoors in a woods gurilla style and have a few questions

    1. Can I just plant my seeds into the earth straight after germination?
    2. How much weed should I expect of each plant?
    3. Whens the earliest I can start growing next year?
    4. How often should I water my plants?
    5. How long would my plants take to grow?

    Thanks :smoke:
  2. 1. Depends on the native soil
    2. Depends on several factors like genetics nutrients light etc.
    3. Depends on your location
    4. Depends on size, life cycle, and environment.
    5. Depends on genetics

    I hope I answered all of your questions sufficiently =)

  3. :hello::hello::hello:
  4. Thanks man so much but...
    Can you re answer my questions if I add that I live in London, suburbs :smoke:
  5. lol yea man I'm just going to give you a run down, I'm not trying to be a dick but from my experience, people on here only want to help others who help themselvs.. meaning if you don't do any research, why should we hold your hand...

    If you are absolutely set on doing auto's I wouldnt go bigger than 5 gallons containers or dug and filled holes, I wouldnt suggest native soil bc an auto is going to flower very quickly and you want as much growth as possible in that little bit of time and if you use native soil I'd be willing to bet it wouldnt even be worth your time... watering frequency will depend on whether you are above ground or in ground, as above ground gets more heat and will evaporate more quickly.. either way autos dont get very big so watering shouldnt be to intense... I cant tell you when to start you will have to look that up yourself but I can suggest a strategy... since its an auto I would do some research and find out the 12 weeks during your summer that cumulatively have the most sunlight.. done right you cant expect 1-2.5 ounces per plant... autos average around 12 weeks, some shorter, some longer... since I can tell you dont have growing experience let me suggest a seedbank so that you might browse the selection...attitude seeds... also... I will suggest a strain.. world of seeds afghan kush auto.. passed my expectations and although an auto was probably some of the highest quality bug i have ever smoked. Good luck!
  6. bug lol bud*
  7. Ahh thanks man sorry about bugging you, Im gonna use attitude seeds actually thanks but the only problem is if police come bursting open my front door and steal my herb :(
  8. Lol I can't believe you keep asking these questions. I've tried to help in the past being an experiencef outdoor UK grower. Buy if your not gonna take advice and read basically you can Jog on!
  9. Lol sorry man taking advice from multiple sources :smoke:
  10. Well after reading all these blogs all i can say is good luck and if u not want to be caught grow guiriila style scrogg which is less plants more yeild less time in police station. 50./' More yeild than growing say 8 plants. Good luck. Buy the way pop ya seeds pot them in 50 ltr buckets. Using airstones in all and train the the grow. Super cropping. April/may. Will be ready end september / october. Use autoflower seeds or u can evenn 12/12 yourself fir earler harvest. The weather not good this year so next year the same exspect bud rot if u not in control. Good luck.
  11. Thanks man, I dont think I should grow 8 autos cause I smoke 0.5-1 gram a week :smoke:

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