Growing autoflowering seeds outdoors

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  1. Mate im doing the EXACT same thing tomorrow. Just gunna see what happens tbh....
  2. Hmm thanks man Ill do it then, please tell me any extra info, if you change your mind etc and how your crop is, we can grow together :D Also are you autoflowering and what country are you in?
  3. Also where did you get your seeds from?

  4. attitude seed it.
  5. yes attitude bro.

    ill pm u
  6. Hmm thanks, when they deliver, do they require signed for delivery?
  7. [quote name='"stoned42"']Hmm thanks, when they deliver, do they require signed for delivery?[/quote]

    They haven't for any of my us deliveries, UK might be different.
  8. Thanks man :D and yh well chat about our grows :D
  9. If its indica it'll be done in like September, if it's statics it'll be done in like December.
  10. Jesus fuck! I can't beleve your not listening to other UK GROWERS!
    At least 2 experienced UK GROWERS have told you its too late in London.
    Why are you so desperate to waste your money!
    Even if you sucessfully germinate and get sprouts they will not have enough time to finish flowering.
    Read and prep for next year. please please listen to me o wouldn't be telling you not to grow unless it was impossible!
  11. Half the people are saying its possible, half are saying its not, Im not exactly sure, yes its indica, could I grow outdoors but in a stealth cardboard box with artificial light?
  12. Look man I don't wanna burst your bubble but cardboard is a fire risk and it gets soggy in the rain. Plus you need high power lighting which needs mains electricity which poses another risk when it rains. You can't get battery powered lights which produce enough lumens or enough watts.
    Your only outdoor hope is a heated greenhouse which would not be stealthy in a park!
    Mold becomes an issue if you even got the plants to flower, there arnt many mold resistant auto strains.
    The UK is notorious for poor autumn weather and also the lack of sunlight in October and November means again if you got to flower, which you won't because seedbank data is for indoor or hot countries, they would stop growing in early November purely coz we don't get enough daylight.

    I can't urge you enough to not do this your plans won't and don't work. It's not that easy!
    I live and grow in the UK at the same latitude as you infact your only about 25 miles from me. Like I've said before I'm all for people growing this wonderful herb, but this time of year its really not possible without an indoor setup.

    Have you looked into a pc grow case for example? I know your a student and have little money but the savings will be aparent within a year.
    Otherwise spend the winter searching for places to grow next summer and by all means ill personally see you thru a summer grow every step of the way.
    Peace out brother
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    Y are u making the same thread again. Every one on your other thread told u it was to late y ask agin. Since this is still what u are looking for. Ya man plenty of time. U will get big monsters with lbs of weed. Y ask for advice if u are not going to use it
  14. Alright Ive decided to wait until next summer to grow outdoors, its not possible for me to grow indoors, thanks man would really appreciate the help, what seed site do you use and how do they deliver? :wave:
  15. I use attitude seeds a google search will find them. Or pickandmixseeds are good aswell.
    They deliver in plain packages and signed for is a delivery option. Attitude also offer stealth delivery where they package in either a wallet or a t shirt.
    Both offer single seeds for most strains.

    My advice for now is read read and more reading. Find out all you need about position, soil, nutrients,germination, pots etc.... Then get your sites preped during the winter.
    You need to be looking for places NO ONE and I mean NO ONE goes to. Remember your looking at having plants there for a minimum of 4 months but more likely 6. Check your sites, spend time there. If they are easy to get to for you, then other people go there too and that's no good. Google maps is idea for a first scope then visit them during the day and night.
  16. Wow didnt know for that long, thanks man so attitude seeds have both those options (signed for and normal), I plan on just planting the seeds in the earth after germination, seriously Ill check the park, wouldnt autoflowers be better for gurilla growing? I would prefer not to grow autoflowers because they have less THC and yield less but they grow in a fraction of the time, what would you reccomend? Also how often would I have to water my plants? Thanks :smoke:
  17. Oh also whens the earliest I can start growing?
  18. Ok so after germination (using paper towel method) (google or YouTube search)
    They need to go into small pots or party cups with holes in the bottom for drainage.
    You will need seed sowing compost to start in the pots. Once the taproot shows plant root down into the seed sowing compost about half a cm down. Water with a spray bottle enough to wet the soil through. You will then need to put them on a window sill in a warm room with decent sunlight till the break surface. It's advisable to keep them inside till they are 2 or 3 leaf sets. This makes sure the root system is well developed to give them a fighting chance.
    (If you can afford a 125 watt CFL light this will be much better for the initial growth period indoors)

    Once you have 3 leaf sets you can transplant outdoors, you will have needed to dig large holes (minimum 2ftx2ft) and fill with a good quality potting soil, normal 'native' soil, that's the stuff that's there already, is almost certainly not suitable for weed. The compost your holes will need perlite added to it at a ratio of atleast 1part perlite to 2 parts compost. The purpose of this is to airate the soil.

    Once your plants are in the soil you will need to think about pest control eg. Slug pellets as a single slug will take up to 10 small plants in one night.

    It's a good idea to cover with some sort of pop up greenhouse or home made rain guard. This will protect the young plants from our wonderful English weather in the early stages of growth.

    Once established the cover can be removed and your on your way.

    The earliest you can start is mid April looking to transplant outdoors early to mid may.

    As for auto or photo its hard to say. I always do a few of each, to be quite honest auto yield is generally poor expect 10-20g per plant of dry smokable buds, if done well!
    Photoperiod plants are very different as you know the yield is much better but your looking at having a plant in the ground from mid may till end October.

  19. The will need watering probably once a week unless we have a particularly hot one where they will need considerablely more.

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