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  1. Hello Grasscity community! =)

    A friend of mine has this plan: he lives in a southern European country and he would like to try growing his own weed. He has a balcony facing southwest, to a busy street. He also has 4 Devil Cream Auto seeds. He read up on the subject, and he talked to the guy who sold him the seeds. From what little that he gathered (this guy is a real, absolute beginner without any botanic experience whatsoever) the best (easiest, safest) way to get from the seeds to the sweet, sweet fruits is this:
    -take some big pots (10 liters)
    -fill them almost to the brim with an airy, nutrient-rich soil
    -soak that soil with water (ph 6.5)
    -let the wet pot dry for 24 hours
    -use his finger to make a little hole (about 1 cm deep) in the soil
    -put in the seed and cover it up with soil
    -cover the pot with some plastic foil wrap in order to retain the humidity
    -wait until the plant pops out
    -remove foil and put the pot on the balcony, in a spot where it is exposed to as much direct sunlight as possible
    -surround the plant with tomatoes, to conceal it from the eyes of the neighbours
    -wait until the soil is completely dry before giving the plant water (testing by lifting pot and checking the holes on the bottom for moisture)
    -when watering he will be careful not to let the water fall on the plant, but rather around it
    -he will not use fertilizer unless the plant shows signs of nutrient-depletion. From what he read, the nutrients contained in the soil should be sufficient for this type of plant, since the autoflowering plants don't need much anyway and don't live long either.
    -He will worry about harvesting and so on, when and if he gets that far. ;)

    Could you be so nice as to let me know if you think about my friends plan?
    Also, do you think this would be very risky, considering visibility and smell? The balcony is on the third floor, so a number of people could potentially see it...Could it be better to grow the plan indoors, but right next to the balcony door, where it would still get lots of sunlight but be less visible (plus: it would be less cold at night)?

    Thanks a lot for your help! :D
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  2. As long as the neighbors don't smell it you should be fine.

    The better your soil the less problems you'll have.
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  3. I would germinate the seed outside of the soil so you know it's viable.

    I just use a cup of water, drop the seed in. 12-24hrs later I may tap the seed, if it sinks I let it sit til I see it crack.

    Once it cracks take it out of the water and place it in an OPEN sandwich bag between two clean preferably all white (no dye) paper towels lightly dampened.

    I'm about another day you should have a taproot. Plant with the taproot down and wait for the seed to break soil.


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  4. 2.5 gal is right on for an auto, they won't need more space than that.

    Soil...that's a tough one. There's a couple different ways you can go with this. Will discuss in detail later if youre interested but for the most part, you're good with that assumption.

    I like the soak and sit idea, may adopt that one.

    See it's a matter of physics here. If the plant is full to the brim with soil how will there be any room for a sprout between there and the plastic wrap?

    A clear plastic cup is the idea. A hole or two punched in the top with the inside misted.

    Most people wouldn't know a marijuana plant if they saw one but in flower I guess concealing the location would be wise.

    The slow release soil is actually a good idea for a beginner with autos. That's pretty much the oil instance I would recommend this. However, when your plant goes deficient, things can go south pretty quickly.

    Indoors may be an option and a much safer one at that. Plus protection from outdoor pests.

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  5. Thanks for the replies, guys. The balcony is not an option anymore, so he might actually try to set up a grow closet. He doesn't want to spend a lot of money, so now he is looking into budget closet setups.

    He is still not convinced by the idea of soaking the seeds since he knows they are fresh and high quality.

    Would it be enough to have one type of lamp, like one HPS with 250 watt for 2 plants that he would just keep running? Or should he invest more into another one and a timer?
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  6. 250hps is enough for two plants, CFLs are a lot cheaper tho if budget is a huge issue.

    Soaking seeds is smart but make sure it's not for more then a few days and when u transplant try to do it quickly but effectively, taproots don't like light.

    I don't even use a timer I just unplug lights when it's time by alarms on my phone. I run 24/0 for first couple weeks anyway..

    The more lights the better your yield will be, this means it might be smarter to get all equipment first before you germinate. This time will give u longer to research and read up on the forms.
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  7. 250w hps is fine but consider the heat it will create and how much space your working with. Rule of thumb is 100w per plant minimum.

    If heat is to be an issue, look into LEDs.

    Trust me on soaking, but if not you can plop em in the ground just the same and have a great run. I just don't want to get caught waiting weeks for a dud seed to pop out of the dirt only to find out that it never will.

    There's no way to know if your seeds are "fresh" if you got them from a bank. Seeds can be years old and grow just as dank as a seed pulled yesterday.

    I would invest in a timer and put the autos on a 20/4 schedule from seed to harvest.

    Closet grow primary parts list:

    -Drip trays, sucks getting carpet wet

    -mylar or space blankets for reflective material. Usually found in the camping sections.

    -lights of course and a method to hang and adjust these lights. Plants grow rapidly especially autos so having an easy lifting method will save you time and effort throughout the grow.

    -fans. You will need airflow so the plants can uptake CO2. The leaves have a very short range of uptake, the shaking of the leaves in the wind increases this zone.

    -depending on how hot your closet may get, you might need an extraction fan to vent the hot air into another space (where cost creeps up on you).

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  8. After reading more about indoor growing he scrapped the idea again, since it is far too much effort and investment for his purposes.
    He decided to let the plant grow technically indoors, but in a spot right behind the balcony door. There it gets indirect sunlight all of the day and at least 3 (up to 5, I believe) hours of direct sunlight. Since it is an autoflower, this should be enough to grow. I know the yield won't be large, but as long as it yields anything at all I will be happy.

    So now this is what he has:
    -2x 10 liter pot
    -20 liters of "platinum" soil, which has a N-P-K of 14-16-18, contains perlite and is supposed to be "light"
    - a bottle of PH-down that is usable throughout the whole cycle and a PH-measuring kit
    - a 20 liter container to water the plants (I will let the water sit for 24 hours before I PH-adjust and use it, so that the bad chemicals can evaporate)

    His plan is to start germination of two plants tomorrow, inside of a dark closet. (QUESTION: Is it a problem if the closet is occasionally opened, so that the darkness is disturbed sometimes?) Once the seedlings have appeared, he will put the plants in their spot behind the balcony door. To hide them even more from outside eyes, he will place some tomato plants directly on the other side of the door. That way no one should be able to peek inside and rat him out. ;)

    He hasn't gotten fertilizers yet, since the soil contains nutrients. But probably at some point he will get some of those too... Any recommendations for this setup?

    Since this is really an attempt to grow with the smallest possible investment of time and money, I will call it the "slacker grow". I will keep you updated how it all works out! =)
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