Growing at college?

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  1. Hey GC, just wondering is any of you have ever grown bud while you were at college, not in the dorms of course. I was thinking about growing starting my sophmore year once i move off campus, but idk if that'd be too risky. I would be worried about getting found out by the school, but mostly be worried about shady college kids finding my bud. In a fraternity by the way, so lots of partying going on around the houses. Lemme know what you guys think.
  2. Growing in a frat house sounds like a really, really bad idea.

    Inevitably, some of the other guys will find out, and then it's going to spread around like wildfire. If it isn't stolen, someone could get pissed at you and narc.
  3. I wouldnt be living in the actual frat house, but pretty close by with a few frat buddies. But yea it all just seems too risky, but i really wanna grow :mad:. haha
  4. Bad idea to grow where you party. If you live a discrete life-style, you might get away with growing in your house, but a house full of college buds is not likely to be discrete.
  5. Tell NO ONE.

    If you tell even one person about it, your fucked.

    Keep it to yourself and you have a good chance.
  6. I'm in my first year in college with a small closet grow. However, I'm going to Devry and we don't have normal dorms or partying like most colleges. I live in a one bedroom in a very professional I have 0 friends or traffic at my apartment so I'm an exception I guess.
  7. Yea, I'm definitely with Budmaster. As an apartment grower myself, I understand the risks and countermeasures you've got to take living in such close proximity to other people, and that would be a straight nightmare keeping that a secret, which I'm sure you've learned by now is of utmost importance. Not to mention all the attention you're going to have around your home it sounds like anyways with all the partying, in which you're very likely to have a visit from the cops or 2. You wanna talk about a heart attack? Have a badge show up at your door after you just got done hitting the bowl and have a 10 plant closet grow going on in the next room. That'll wake ya up in the mornin ;-)

    My advice: Stem off you urge to grow until you complete your education or at least find quieter lodgings. Definitely not a good idea if you value your freedom and/or would actually like to reap the benefits of growing without having your plants stolen.
  8. Didn't even read anything anyone else wrote and saw the title. Bad idea. You can grow while your in college, but not make it publicly known. Live at your own place ALONE, no parties, or guests that will snoop around or else you will be subject to getting jacked, narc'ed, and the whole nine yards. If you cannot meet this criteria do not grow. Also NEVER SELL WEED. The best thing for you to do is keep it at your place, dont drive around with it or take it to class. Be smart dont be a retard
  9. Thanks for all the advice and whatnot guys. I'm for sure just going to wait it out until after college to grow.
  10. outdoor?? depending on where you are
  11. I actually grew two successful plants in my closet in my house last semester. Had 6 roomates and we partied all the time. I mean big parties too, 4-5 kegs. Don't get me wrong I was shitting my pants scared for 3 months but I did it. So its not impossible but you definitely got to be careful. Just be smart about it

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