Growing around 9000 Ft in CO

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by elevation8465, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. My question is actually the beginning of a long road to next summer. I want to start three different genetics this coming fall/early winter and veg them for three to four even five month before putting them in my greenhouse around mid may. I am probably going to do 6 plant, 3 sets of two. I want to see if I can get those bushy trees you see in pictures in california grows that are 8 feet tall and 8ft wide. I am going to Veg them proper and make sure they are strong as hell before they go outside and I will be putting them into raised beds with some excellent soil and they are going to receive great light. I was thinking of probably doing some strong indicas because from my indoor experience a majority of my bushiest, fastest and best producers i've done in the past have always been Indicas. Plus it could get cold where i'm at and would like to harvest at the beginning of september if possible however I can heat my green house for at least a few weeks so mid to end september could also work. I was thinking about popping some seeds in December and am looking for not only strain recommendations but where to order from as well. If people could share what has worked for them and any tips they might be willing to share it would be greatly appreciated..... thanks

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