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Growing and Panic attacks

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by burntbongboy, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. So I have been growing a plant in my closet for a while now. The smell has gotten pretty strong and I also have been in a bout of anxiety and panic attacks. I am not worried that someone will find it, but I didnt know if strong order or any type of chemicals let off by the plant could cause Anxiety or general feels of weirdness.

    My issues have been going since about when I put the plant into flowering.
  2. Probably just anxious cause you're growing an illegal plant that is starting to reek now.
  3. the plant doesn't release any chemicals in the air it's just a scent. you should probably stop growing and smoking
  4. Throw in a carbon filter...or a second
  5. Yes. Marijuana plants emit deep mind controlling fumes to trick the mind into high levels of paranoia, anxiety, and other mental problems. It's also said to cause black men to start violently raping women.

    lol come on dude. i mean..damn.what the hell. Some people..ah.. stop doing anything in your life bro that is messing with you like that. Think. Think. Think. You have a plant that is starting to smell causing you issues, what to do? Dont go post on a forum lol, put up a damn carbon filter or throw the shit in the trash.

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