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Growing an indica in my garden, tips? UK (Picture)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Drugs Bunny, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]

    Been growing now for around 6 weeks and it's around 2ft tall and have JUST shown the first signs of flowering (white hairs on the second to top branch). I recently repotted it into the massive pot you see in the photo and have seen 2-3"s of growth in past 1-2 days. Some leaves are starting to go light/lime green so im thinking of some new nutrients and because it's getting colder i'm thinking of making a greenhouse around it.

  2. What kind of soil are you using?

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    I used some standard seedling compost to begin and then some more when i repotted it mixed with soil from my garden. The last time I repotted it I used John Innes number 3 (60%) and the other 40% was more soil from my garden.
    Edit: I also mixed some rabbit chippings with the soil to fluff it up a little bit and because I assumed they would hold moisture in the soil.
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    Right now if that was my bitch, i'd quickly get her in the ground asap then feed her some root stim to make the roots grow into the ground.
    Then add some potash and bone meal to her top of soil once a month.
    I'm lat 55 N/E and its getting cold too, don't do the greenhouse you'll get moulded to fuck, you need super good air flow ventilation good humidity.
    Check out my links in the sig below.

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