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  1. So I have one plant growing right now (10 days old) and am beginning to get scared on whether it is going to be a male or female. It isn't femminized, so I am assuming a 50-50 chance. I really want to have some kind of yield by mid december, so I am considering planting an auto flowering strain to guarantee that I at least have something. My question is, can I grow an auto flowering strain in combination (actually right next to) a regular (blueberry) strain? My blueberry is on a 18/6 light cycle and will be moving to 12/12 for flowering. I know auto flowering can grow in any light conditions, but would it respond negatively to the light change if I begin flowering a female plant?

    Thanks for any tips!
  2. bump because I need to know ASAP so I can get some seeds and get them stated.
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    No, 12/12 for an auto plant is fine. The only thing you will notice is you may get a very tall auto, mainly because it will stretch. But during flowering, it will still flower like a normal auto will. I have two that have been in 12/12 since they showed sex, and I still expect about an Oz from both of them.

    I needed to 12/12 my normal strains, and it just so happeend I started them 12/12 soon as they showed sex. Right now they're 7 weeks old and looking fat and dank already.

    EDIT: The only thing that you might do to an auto that you 12/12 is reduce it's yield by a gram or two, but really it's trivial.
  4. Once again DO WORK, you came to my aid. Thanks for all the help.
  5. Glad I could help.

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