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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jungle_beast, Apr 28, 2002.

  1. hello. im a hardcore smoker and a nube grower and i was wondering what the minimum requirements were for growing healthy, pleantiful bud indoors. i'm talking about space, lights, air flow, watering, wtc. any advice on these things would be greatly appreciated. Also, where is the best, most reliable and discreetest place to buy seeds online?
  2. Check out the seeds Forum as well .....have fun

  3. ok im going the ghetto route 15 watt light bulb in a dresser draw only place i find fit for security reasons is this possible to yield any pot i got 2 plants now both around 2 inches tall am i wasting my time
  4. knowing you, the "hardcore smoker", you are best off going small.... u also really need to take into mind the smell... well good luck and be carful, u arnt the sharpest bulb in the toolshack...
  5. btw...(sharpest "bulb" in the toolshack)...hmmmm

  6. i know him, we are friends.. that being said, i have the freedom to calll him a blunt bulb... heehee...... safty first ty sle
  7. Woody u said if u cant find mj nutes get sum tomatoe fert well where can we find mj nutes....


    good & fast service
  9. what the fuck is a sharp bulb?
    quote from j88671:
    "im not a pothead!"

    hahaha. your smilies are weak, jish
  10. I know a guy who grows on a 60w light and just puts it next to the window during the day and his is about 6" and is starting to flower after 8 weeks. So you can do it with about anything...

    Good Luck for seeds use

    Mickey.T !

  11. And so do you woody :) where did you get it from cuz i have one here but i don't know how to put it on the site Sj did myn b4.


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