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    Hello friends!

    I recently bought some Krishna Kush from a shop in Colorado, and found a seed in one of the buds! I would like to have a self-sustaining source of medicine, so I thought why not give this a shot.

    This is my first time growing. I used the "wet paper towel method" and then moved it into a solo cup with "Pro-Mix Premium Organic Vegetable and Herb Mix" soil (contains: peat moss, peat humus, compost, perlite, gypsum, lime, organic fertilizer; 50% organic matter; 0.30% nitrogen, 0.12% phosphoric acid, 0.10% soluble potash). The seedling is now in an aluminum foil tent under 9,600 lumens from 6 CFL (at 6,500 K) on 24/7. Humidity 46%, temperature 23°C. There is a gentle breeze from an oscillating fan on the outside corner. See attached picture (day 4). Reviews are welcome!


    But I also have a few questions...

    (1) I have been reading up on plant sex, and am going to speculate a bit. Since this came over the counter I am guessing that pollination was accidental, which suggests that they were either careless about a male in the crop (seems unlikely for a professional grower), or one of the females turned hermie and pollinated another female to produce this seed (i.e., rodelization). If the latter, then this would be a feminised seed with a hermie trait? Is this most likely?

    (2) If it is female, how can I sustain this setup (continue the next plant)? Would it be advisable to "light-poison" it after flowering to make it go hermie, and then self-pollinate to collect seeds? Or is it better to clone? Or can I do both in case one fails? I haven't found much reading material that contrasts advantages / disadvantages for the next plant using these two approaches. Most people try to avoid hermies altogether, but that is because they already have a few females to clone and/or feminised seeds to grow. I have no other seeds / plants.

    (3) On the other hand, if this ends up being male, is there anything I can do to save the situation? Cloning won't change the sex, and it's "impossible" for a male to go hermie? So the best thing to do would be to save the pollen in the freezer for a rainy day and juice the plant / make hash?

    Sorry for the long post. Thanks for all the knowledge!
  2. first couple things.

    A hermied plant will not produce a feminized seed. You'll have a 50/50 chance of it being either male or female but if it is a female it is more likely to hermie as it's bag seed.

    Do what I did and take a clone before it shows sex or you induce flowering and then induce flowering that way you have a clone of a female plant if it turns out female or you can just cut your losses if it's a male.

    also, seedling DO NOT need that much light. You're giving them way too many lumens and it could harm them. Wait until they get a couple true leaf sets and about 4 nodes before you bring your lights back to 9600Lumen.

    Male Pollen doesn't make hash. The only thing it can be used for is to pollinate a female plant or be stored to pollinate a plant later on. Note though pollen will only keep for a little period.

    On light time, my personal opinion is to give them a nice 4-6 hour dark break everynight in veg. I find when I have plants in 24/7 light they just don't respond as well.

    IMHO you should also add a little more perlite to your soil mix
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  3. Also, ASAP get rid of that foil. It can create hotspots which will burn your plant

    and also get that humidity up to about 60% for seedling and drop it slowly 5% at a time in veg to keep it between 40%-70%
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  4. Thanks for all the tips.

    This is different from what I was reading elsewhere, unless my situation is different? For example,

    is a quote from How to make your own feminized seeds using Colloidal Silver or Rodelization | Grow Weed Easy.

    I've dropped it down to 2 CFLs for now (3,200 lumens), but I also wasn't aware that 9,600 lumens could harm them? From what I've been reading it sounds like you need either an insane amount of lumens (way more than 10k) or too much heat for there to be a problem in seedling stage. I've got a thermometer in there that's reading 23-25 degrees, and I also put my hand above the plant for a minute and there was not much heat.

    Sorry I was talking about the plant leaves for hash.

    I will do this when it's time to transplant to a bigger pot!

    Are there any easy / inexpensive ways to control humidity? I've got this in the basement so that it's out of people's way, but it's quite humid in the rest of the house (so much so that we have mold problems and a large dehumidifier running).
  5. 1. A dessicant meant for a room or a dehumidifier is your best bet.
    2. Male plants don't produce any THC so it would be a pointless effort to grow one unless you want to make seeds
    3. Using colloidal silver doesn't produce hermies the same way an accidental hermie from stress would form.
    What their goal, is to get the plant to produce male pollen sacs along with the female bud. What happens with stress induced hermies is they produce a thing called nanners or bananas.
    4. you would be fine with 3 cfls tbh. Too much light can cause all sorts of problems at the seedling stage as they're very very vulnerable. I've personally had clones that were rooted and seedlings from a germinated seed die from too much light off the start

    I numbered my responses to yours so it makes it easier to read
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  6. Curious - have you ever had this happen? I ask because back in the day I used it and never saw anything negative happen.

    I also didn't think you could add too much light with CFL's over a seedling. Did you have a bad experience?

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  7. You should probably read this.

    Males - not as useless as we think
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    I think you're right about which is more likely from stress, and that using colloidal silver almost always results in sacs. But the link I posted before and Male Plants, Hermies & Bananas | Grow Weed Easy state that while environmental factors play a bigger role than genetics in producing bananas, both stress and genetics can give you either a "true hermie" or a "banana-producing hermie". There doesn't seem to be a hard rule that you will always get bananas from stress (from what I've read...). Instead stress brings out the genetic trait that is hiding in whatever you are growing.

    Either case (bananas or sacs) will apparently give you femenised seeds if you use it to self-pollinate. See Cannabis Research A - Z and

    So, going back to my question, if this is a female plant with a hermie trait (since that could explain how the seed got there in the first place), should I try to exploit that to get some seeds (regardless of the type of hermie)? Or is it safer / more reliable to just clone?
  9. I was thinking more about increasing humidity in the tent. I'm skeptical about moving it up from the basement because upstairs is less under my control and is way more susceptible to mold / insects.
  10. Day 7 now... the leaves are almost hitting the side of the cup... should I transplant soon? And to what size container?

  11. No don't transplant yet

    Get the light right down on it close but not enough to burn. Let it grow another 4-5 days and keep soil just barely moist but not completely dry. When you do transplant make sure it's into a very rich but well draining soil mix.

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  12. I lowered the light to 2 inches above, and the temperature raised to about 27 degrees. Maybe too hot? I've watered it with about 35 ml of water within the past 2 days and the biggest leaves hit the side and drooped down until they are hitting the soil now. Is the drooping a sign of poor drainage and/or overwatering? There was no runoff when I watered. I've got some perlite for when I transplant 2-3 days from now, which I hope will help with the drainage (also got some EWC). The Pro-Mix is pretty compacted... I've also got a pH/moisture meter arriving tomorrow to test the soil.

    By the way it's fascinating watching this thing grow... Nature is so amazing.

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    Day 12. I transplanted into a 5 gallon pot, mixed 50-30-20 ProMix-Perlite-EWC well in a sanitary garbage bag. The roots were wrapping around the edge of the solo cup, so I gave them a very gentle 2 second massage to help loosen them up. Otherwise the transplant looked good.

    For the initial watering, I watered around the edges until I saw a tiny bit of run-off from the bottom, but I'm afraid this might have still been too much. I think it's still suffering from overwatering, because a small amount of green algae formed near the stem on the surface of the soil. I scooped this off and replaced it with fresh soil, since apparently it can steal nutrients from the soil if left to spread.

    Meanwhile, the largest leaves are still drooping, are a bit flat and misshapen (possibly because they are hitting the soil?), and also have some small brown spots on them... Are all these signs of overwatering or is there something else going on here?

    I raised the light back to about 4" from the top in case it was too hot, and to encourage the plant to raise itself up a bit...? Also there was a humidity spike of about 10-15% over the last 2 days (a bit outside my control).

    Thanks everyone. :passtheshit:

  14. I also got a bagseed from Colorado dispensary weed, Gorilla Glue . Been thinking about trying to grow it. Interested in following your progress. Looks like it is going good for you. Good luck the rest of the way.
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  15. Day 17. I gave it a 5 day break from watering. The plant is very short and wide. Looks like two branching nodes have developed. Newer leaves look much healthier. The soil was dry, so I watered the edges until I got a bit of run-off and the newest leaves perked themselves up!


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  16. Just noticed... something else is also growing in the soil. See the bottom right of the second picture. There's a little seedling with two leaves sprouting out! What could this be? Should I leave it for now?
  17. If you want to.
  18. Your girl looks healthy, keep it up! Not sure what else is growing there lol
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    Any chance I won the lottery and this was a "twin trunk" seed? Apparently one seed can sprout two plants, and from what I've been reading it can happen more often for certain strains. But this is happening quite late, and so maybe (more likely) the EWC I transplanted into contained something randomly sproutable? :huh:
  20. You better strap those y adapters to the multi-outlet with like a shoe string just wrap it between the y and the plugs, those lights can slither their way out overtime.

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