Growing a secret garden in the woods

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Dracula35, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Hello,
    First thread here, new to this stuff.
    I have some seeds that I want to plant in the woods. The problem is how would I induce flowering.
    I can't rely on the natural cycle because I want to harvest multiple times in the spring and summer.
    I was thinking about plating them in pots in the ground, so they will get root bound once they mature and that would induce flowering without 12/12 cycle.
    I can't cover up the plants daily because I am going to grow them far away in the woods.
    Would getting the plant root bound make it flower? is there a better method? Thanks!!
    PS. I am in the northern states, weather is too cold in the winter, so I can only grow from April to October.
  2. After reading around I started to feel discouraged from growing outdoors. Pests (mainly deer) seem to be a problem. I think a grow cabinet is a better idea.
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  3. You won't induce flower, the sun will come autumn, the end of the grow season. If you want something sooner your going to have to grow autos so they don't rely on the sun as when to flower. I grow outside and inside.
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  4. Auto is the way to go for a quicker return but a lower yield. Good for beginners but eventually you'll want more control of the process. I too grow jndoor n out, but on my own property. I still put a deer cage around the plants just in case. They're bad around here!
    Nice thing about cabs n tents is that you have total control.

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  5. Thank you guys for the replies. We have a lot of deer here and carrying a cage to the woods is not going to be an easy task.
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  6. I have used twine or string tied around trees surrounding my plot in the past. Creates a barrier that deer are not able/willing to pass. I am sure if you did a Google search you could find the specific heights that work. I can't remember off the top of my head.
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  7. But let me be the first to advise you not to grow on property if you do not have permission. Your risk is exponentially higher. I also advise you to do some research before starting your grow. It doesn't seem like you have full understanding of the life cycle of a marijuana plant, and knowledge like that will be the groundwork for your future growing endeavors.
  8. All my extra clones I sometimes put in random spots out in the woods. Just to see what happens.

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  9. Auto flowering seeds would be your best bet...but otherwise it would be hard if you can't access it every day to cover it. Also you can plant it late winter when the days are still short, that should induce flowering early on.
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  10. I have the 10 mystery seeds, I guess I'll germinate them and plant them near a creek in may and forget about them for a month or two. They will probably not make it but if they do that would be dope.
  11. Dental floss? I will go straight to barbed wire. These animals are everywhere and they are just pests. See loius ck about deer, funny stuff.
  12. Yeah barbed wire is definitely the best option, I got a real deer problem they are literally everywhere but my piss seems to keep them away.
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  13. You should get seeds from ILGM or from nirvanashop < not affiliated with either but both delivered good product.
  14. I love ILGM. Never ordered from anywhere else.

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  15. Every single person seems to say ilgm didnt deliver their seeds..

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