growing a plant with the absolute basics- several questions inside

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  1. so I've never grown a plant before, but I definitely wanna try. right now I have 5 seeds that I just put in the freezer for safe keeping, but I want to try planting one of them soon. is may a good time to start growing a plant?

    my plan was to germinate the seed, plant it and keep it outside during the early stages of it's life when it doesn't look like a marijuana plant, then move it inside as soon as it's noticeable. my questions are when I germinate the seed, do I plant it little sprout side up or down? and what light cycles do I need to use for the plant during its different stages? how long are "vegging" and flowering? also, how can I tell if it's a boy or a girl, and what (if anything) can you do to prevent it being male?

    now there's no way I'm gonna be able to buy special lights. my plan is to when I bring it inside, put it in the sun room on the floor so nobody can see it but it still gets the sunlight, but if I can't do that what is the absolute cheapest type of light to get? I'm doing this with virtually no money for a lot of special shit, but I think it can be done.:smoke:
  2. read these forums much? you can find answers to all your questions, you just have to read a bit, please do a little work yourself instead of relying on people to come to you and give you answers.

    may is a good time to start a plant
    that sprout coming out of the seed is the taproot, plant the seed with the sprout facing downwards
    vegging = 24/0 light or 18/6, depending on which you prefer.
    flowering = 12/12
    your seed has a 50/50 chance of being female, its basically the luck of the draw.

    dont expect to grow anything decent without nutrients or dropping a few bucks either, mj is like a high maintenance girlfriend, you have to spend money on her, then she'll put out.

    -good luck
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    This. lol

  4. To funny! I agree.
  5. thank you :p and yeah I have been searching a bit too.

    I know I'm gonna have to end up spending at least some money, but I'm def. gonna try my hardest to keep it to a minimum! I'm gonna plant 2 seeds and pay close watch.

    I've been finding out most of my answers, but I have one more question. If you get a male plant, does it contain any thc at all? could I just move the male plant to another room, and continue growing it and then use different parts of the plant by making say, butane honey oil or something like that?
  6. Famous last words, LOL. I said that 4 months ago when I got started. :smoke:

  7. Same here was about 3 months ago for me. Now i am obessed about it.
  8. It would be a waste of time to try and make hash oil with a male, since the thc content is considerably less than a female. Also, any male you have is a liability to your female plant. Pollen spreads very easily, and unless you're willing to thoroughly scrub and change your cothes after every visit to your male plant, id recommend not keeping him around...
    Too much trouble for not enough reward.

    -good luck, keep growing
  9. thank you for the advice, you're right I don't wanna risk a nice female plant being turned to poop when they take so long and so much work to be real healthy. I'll probably try and find some way to use the male plant, so it doesn't feel like a total waste of time lol.
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    people hash male plants all the time, anyone that tells you a male is worthless is retarded.

    complete garbage


  11. hey kaos, take a smoke break and try to not be a dick :)

    when you have healthy happy females around that you dont want to grow seeds, male plants are more trouble than theyre worth unless youre adequately prepared to deal with pollen, which I assumed the op isnt.

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