Growing a plant using indoor and outdoor light

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  1. Hi guys, i have a pretty involved question to ask here if anyone could help i would be mos happy,
    i live in South Africa one of the worlds blessed growing regions sofar as ganja goes, or for that matter so far as anything goes, and at the moment we are slap bang in the midst of summer and i have ordered the following strains

    1x Snow White - Regular
    1x Swiss Cheese - Regular
    1x Haze 19 x Skunk - Regular
    1x AK-48 - Regular
    1x Venus Flytrap - Feminized
    1x Wonder Woman - Regular
    1x Blue Widow - Feminized
    1x Super Skunk - Feminized
    1x Chocolope - Feminized
    1x Papaya - Feminized
    1x Aurora Indica - Feminized
    1x Alaskan Ice - Feminized
    1x Northern Lights x Shiva -
    1x Blue Mystic - Regular
    1x Vanilla Kush - Feminized
    1x Big Bang - Feminized
    1x Super Lemon Haze - Feminized
    1x Purple Widow - Regular

    now i obviously dont want to plant all of them in the ground as i have already missed most the season , so wat i thought is that i could just do five plants in 15 gallon buckets with a Supersoil mix(abit'a perlite bit'a coco peat, bit'a rock dust, wormcasting etc.etc..) and grow them outdoors for 9-11 hours a day, then bring them in at night and put them under one 400wMH till the morning then take them back out into the blazing sun, until they are at the right size to yield a decent crop,

    the the question is so you think this is an ok method to produce some decent weed, and which of those strains if any would you choose to grow under such conditions, and please dont choose the most potent or your fav strain, choose one suuited to the conditions i have mentioned unless you maybe think all of them could do this method, i have grown in a simalar method before with Africans strains like SwaziSkunk/gold or Duban Poison or RooiBaard strains, they seem to do it quite weel actually but just asking for general consensus , thanks tons

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