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growing a date tree from dried date seed pitts

Discussion in 'General' started by brian8472, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. this is prolly lame but is it possible they are cured and sun dryed and then preserved with sugar so there no chemicals and shit would it grow what kind of soil would it need? (ill read the rest myself once i know if im wasting my yime or not)
  2. you must really love your dates.
  3. iv been working in produce now for 6 years, in a huge grocery store with every kind of fruit and vegetable there is.. and you have to know your stuff, dates are usualy produced down south in warm climates there just like any other plant regarding soil, dates grow well in rich fertile soil feilds with plenty of sun, u can grow basicly any veg or plant with seeds in it,
  4. have no clue whats goin on in this thread...
  5. i love to grow shit that i smoke( weed, opium) or food plants and i love to fuck around i prolly qont get anything but fuck ill germ it and treat it like weed exept do some reading im not even sure what itll look like a bush or large tree but wouldnt that be fucking trippin balls? lol its like if you love your apple (some people do) then being able to plat apple trees with apple seeds would be cool for ya too.
  6. It is possible to get a palm from a date stone.

    The date comes from a palm- which takes a very long time to grow. And if I remember what I have read the female bears dates, the males do not (so you have a 50/50 chance)

    The first link below is another forum I visit for gardening- and someone has started a date palm (maybe contact him for advice).




    EDIT:: I found this link aswell which has the requirements for soil & light and will tell you bloom times etc.

  7. I planted one years ago, got a nice date palm (which someone killed while looking after my place, oh well). I remember I had to plant it straight up and down, and it took ages to germinate. It was in the Houseplant Expert guide, my old Bible.

    I have a few drying in the kitchen for another try. I didn't realise about the male/female thing, but I'm not keen on fresh dates, anyway, I like them dried, reconstituted, and squishy.

  8. Dates are so good.

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